Sweetspot feeling easy on 1 first week of SSHV2 after reocvery week

It seems easy…after recovery week and better eating SS feels easy… and my HR is saying also… my HR is below 85% of Max HR… anyone has feeled the samething? or is my trainer broke :wink:

Know, should i pump up my ftp…5%?

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give it two weeks…
i fell apart last year during SSHV2 during week 3, the cumulative stress just started to get to me and eventually buried me. Remember, it’s not supposed to be “HARD”, it’s sweet spot.

I feel somewhat similar: 2 weeks into SSBHV2 (with 5% FTP increase from SSBHV1, 1st time structured training ever), individual intervals are still sufficiently hard but overall strain feels low. Recovering much faster compared to previous block.
So, for now have been doing two sessions a day: early morning fasted Dans (30min recovery ride) and in evenings prescribed session.