Sweetspot Training need little help!

Hi there…

A question for the more exp TR users
First of all I’ll tell u a bit about me.
I’m 27 yo, No kids, physical tough work 35-40hours a week(wich isnt that much) starting early and early done so lots of time for a nap and decent training :smiley: and ended previous year 15k km’s. Did some grand fondo’s lots of local group rides etc…
Have good nutrition. Pretty good sleep shedule 7-8 hours a day + some naps if i feel tired in the day! :smiley:
Now i want to take it on crit racing & some good rankings in grandfondo’s.
I started SSBHV 1 upped my ftps from 225-3.6w/k(20min test) to 251-4.05w/kg (ramp test)
So my problem is now im 2 weeks in SSBHV 2 and these sweetspot efforts are getting VERY hard.
I dont give up i complete them but these take’s alot and also mentally.
The first 5 minuts im okay after i feel the power out of my legs slowly draining making it hard to complete eclipse +3 or even tallac wich is 3 x 15 ss.
The perfect example is i compare tallac from 3 dec with ftp 225 and now my HR. is 10-12 beats higher in the interval then it used to be a month ago In SSBHV1
Shud i lower the ftp or just be a ‘‘man’’ and fight to complete. I known i can complete them but does it has to feel this hard? I dont want to get overtrained.

Thanks for ur opinions :wink:

Muscular endurance.

Sounds like it’s a weakness you’re building into a strength.
In other words, yes, it’s not going to be enjoyable.

Notch the interval intensity down a few % if you have to but do not dial down your FTP.
Working at an artificially lower power isn’t going to give you the build you are after.
Lower specifically, not generally.


…eat more.

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Based on your figures above your body weight is around 62kg? That’s lean!

HV is a ton of work on top of a physically hard job, maybe md volume is a better option for you for now?

A big +1 to making sure you are on top of your nutrition

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Yeah i’m 1m71cm and 62kg.
I know i can handle the time and tss HV takes as ive done ssbhv 1.
Maybe it is the nutrition.

SSB2 is a different creature than SSB1.


SSB 1 and SSB 2 aren’t really comparable. SSB 2 is much more demanding and is closer to a “pre-build” phase than it is a base phase as far as physiological demands. Not to mention, you changed FTP test protocols from SSB 1 (20 min) to SSB 2 (ramp test), so you may have underperformed in your 20 min test and actually been doing SSB 1 at a lower intensity.

If you have to turn down most of your workouts beginning SSB 2 you may have an over inflated FTP or the volume is too much. Just another angle to consider.

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As a skinny guy on an HV plan (188cm at 72kg) I would recommend looking at nutrition. My wife gets on to me when I’m slacking on nutrition because even a few days of underfueling during hard training and I start to get a bit on the gaunt side…

You definitely want to be topped off on calories for the demands of SS work, especially the longer workouts. I’ve got Tallac +4 tomorrow and I’ll be at least having a cup of coffee and toast and jam before I get rolling plus some sweets in my pocket in case I need a pick me up mid workout.

I think chad mentioned eating toast and jam on the trainer during warm up as being his favored method. Simple carbs are your friend.

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Can you give me tips on good nutrition?


Eat. Real. Food.

Limit the processed stuff as much as possible, but especially off the bike.

During rides smash all the simple sugar snacks you want. Whatever your body tolerates well. Sometimes sugar is sugar and off the shelf candy can give expensive “performance products” a run for their money. Just read labels and look for glucose as a sugar source. Haribo Gold bears…

Off the bike I don’t count calories or macros but try to get my carbs from things like veggies, sweet potatoes, and short grain brown rice. I eat a fair bit of meat for protein and lots of eggs. Eggs and spinach with rice plus some soy sauce and sriracha is a staple. Leafy greens and a vegetable with every meal is a good rule if thumb. Snacks are almonds, fruit and a lot of whole grain toast with peanut butter honey and bananas. Clif bars and such as well if I’m commuting or traveling and desperate.

FasCat has a good podcast on nutrition that they call winning in the kitchen that’s worth a listen. Very even handed and not overly scientific approach which I appreciate.

Post workout I may supplement some protein but try to get most of my needs covered with food, not supps.

If you want to drill down, I have used the my fitness pal app in the past and it’s a great tool for measuring what you’re eating. If you try it for a week you can get a baseline and the result may surprise you. I was running deficits everyday and had no idea. Good for weight loss, bad for training.