Sweet Spot to build...now what?

My inexperience is leading to confusion. I did SS base low volume 1, then mid-volume II, and now on Sustained power build mid- volume. What should my next plan of attack be?

I’m training for a few triathlons this year, but before then, I have the Mt St Helens road ride in June (80-plus miles of climbing), then the Seattle-to-Portland (207-mile one-day ride) in July, then the triathlons (Olympic) start after that. Can someone more knowledgeable than me chime in? I’d be greatly appreciative. For what it’s worth, I began at 200 pounds at 210 FTP. I’m currently at 182 pounds at 240 FTP

you need to start putting in 6+ hour days on the bike

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Hard to know without exact dates, but there are Olympic Triathlon Specialty plans - https://www.trainerroad.com/cycling/plans/238-olympic-distance-triathlon-mid-volume (you can see the run/swim suggestions by clicking on the link at the left of each week)

The long road events complicate things a little, but personally I would prioritise training for the triathlon and just time things so you get an easy week before each event.

According to the info you supplied, you need Century plan to continue. All of your races requires Sustained power for a longer period thus the best plan that suits for this purpose is Century plan.

Once you finish Centruy Plan by June, you can go back and do 40KTT plan and you should be ready.

Good luck