Sweet Spot plus 3 Group Rides

hello guys … just join trainerroad im 39 year old 178 lbs 5.8 tall riding for almost 2 years very happy with cycling, so a reach the point that now im riding with the fast guys but i suffer a lot i get drop very often the group speeds are 26+ Mph about 45 mile ride … i ride Tuesdays and Thursdays 30 miles each day and weekends about 100 miles should i do TR low volume sweet spot Monday, Wednesday, and Friday or is to much? thanks current FTP 225

IMO, that’s going to be too much intensity and not enough recovery, particularly in SSB2.

If you want to do the group rides, mix with Traditional Base Low Volume for easy additional ride time. Your quality workouts won’t be all that great from the group rides, but the mix of those three rides plus the intensity of sweet spot base will be too much for you to handle for more than a few weeks, most likely.


thanks …