Sweet Spot LV Program - No Force training?


I’ve been looking for the SS Base LV Plan. There is no workout with Force training included (low cadence i mean).

Is it enough, or should i add some extra training sessions ?

Thanks !

Why don’t you just create your own plan?

Just because i find those current plans good, it’s just adjustements i m looking for

I made a specific Low Cadence post for reference:

SSB Low Vol Part 1 has a TON of workouts that you can add your own low cadence work. Part 2 is a bit tougher with the higher intensity workouts, but those can be done if planned well.

Just about looking at the work you want or think you need for your events. I do plenty of my own low cadence work in Endurance up to Sweet Spot work. Different intervals with it and mixed standing seated as well. Get creative and add what you want on your own.

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I did Carson this morning as part of sslv 1, it recommends either 75 or 85rpm depending the interval. Not sure if that’s as low-cadence as you are looking for…

If you are in Erg mode just lower your cadence…that should do it!

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