How do I find TR low-cadence intervals?

I really wish there was an easier way to locate specific training stimuli within TR. For example, low cadence intervals (or MTI muscle tension intervals) for the off-season.

Can anyone help me with suggested workouts in the TR library that address this type of training?

Thank you.

Try any of the 90ish percent sweet spot intervals from SSBV1 for starters. 5-10 minute intervals.

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+1. It doesn’t have to be low cadence specific but you can turn any threshold or sweet spot into low cadence work either by just dropping the cadence in erg mode or changing to resistance mode. I also like to do those workouts where you sprint with high cadence then go directly into sweet spot low cadence

I find Baxter a great workout to work on things like cadence and in/out of the saddle work. In Baxter the intervals change up every 1 - 3 mins, so I switch up cadences for each one. I’ll pick some to do out of the saddle as well. It helps the workout speed by and adds some variety to things.

I think Carson is intended as a low cadence workout. As someone said above, any sweet spot workout is a good candidate for training at lower cadences.