Sweating to one side of the bike - imbalance?

As the title states, if I have a pool of sweat next to the bike on the trainer mat it is invariably on the left hand side of the bike. My saddle and bars are correctly aligned and I think I sit centrally. However there is no arguing with the evidence.

Is that normal for others or do I have a position setup issue ?

Are you right handed?

I am and tend to drink, fiddle with the compter, wipe my brow etc with my right. I do try and use my left more on the bike as I think it helps my comfort.

But my theory on what happens is that if you don’t use your left hand as much the sweat has a generally uninterrupted path down your arm to drip in the same place. Where on my right I’m moving it around more and thus the sweat ends up in different places instead of pooling mostly in one spot.

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Is your fan off to one side? Mine is on the floor by my right foot pointing up and my left arm is invariably drenched compared to my right because it sees less airflow.

I end up with some sweat on one side and a little bit more on the other. I think this is due to both reasons listed by @GT7 and @pirnie, doing things with my right hand and my fans not lined up the same (left one pointed at torso, right one more at legs). But I don’t have a pool on one side and nothing on the other.

Both good points. I am right-handed but I have my glasses and water bottle on a table on my left side.
My fan is front but to the right of centre so blowing across me

I have this too and hadn’t thought about the fact my fan is blowing on me from the right, and the pool of sweat is bigger on the left… It used to be on the bigger on the right (when the fan was on the left) so it had been making me scratching my head but now the riddle may be solved. Deceptively simply.

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I will try switching the fan around and see how it goes. Thanks for the input everyone

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It should be fairly obvious as you watch the drops of sweat get carried by your fan.

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