Optimal fan position


Does anyone know what’s the optimal fan position to optimize cooling?

I’ve got 2 fans, one Lasko like (the UK one) and one 20’’ floor fan, both at the floor level and pointed at me on each side of the front wheel.
I was wondering if raising one of them would be better for cooling or if I should point one to the legs as they are both now targetting the face+torso.


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I have one powerful guy infront of my front wheel blasting up at my chest. And for longer/harder efforts I have a tall fan without much power that I setup to the side of me to get my side/back. With that setup I’m not usually dripping sweat so I think that’s working pretty good for me. But I’m still interested in other responses.

I have Lasko type only and find it works best for me pointing at torso. I have it at handlebars level, about 1.5m away (bit cramped space unfortunately). When going on drops I get the upper body covered, but it’s not hitting the face.

I personally like the Laskos at 10 and 2 o’clock pointing up mostly at my torso. Don’t need it at my face as I usually wear a headband to soak up the sweat there.

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I have a Lasko directly in front aimed at my chest and such that my face/head gets hit at the edge of the blast where the speed is lower. I like air moving over my face but not at full on Lasko force. I also have a 20" box fan on one side that it aimed at my hips and legs. Both are on remote switches. My basement can be fairly cool for big chunks of the year (summer can be as bad as winter with air conditioning) so I actually have trouble with being too cold at the beginning of rides. I generally do the first 5 minutes with no fan, then add in the box fan, then turn on the Lasko at around 10 minutes or so. The box fan is aimed at my legs not because they necessarily need special cooling but because it gives me a great way to modulate the amount of cooling in combo with the Lasko by turning them on or off.

One thing I think would be great would be some way to get a focused beam of air right on my seat/chamois that would keep things down there dry. I can stay cool enough for anything but on longer indoor rides my chamois can get soaked and at times that is a limiter. I’m very limited on room behind my trainer though.

Lasko type / Cleva at torso only. Additional fans don’t add anything for me, and I don’t want full blast in my face. Headband for sweat and gloves for comfort.

I have my lasko pro fans at 10 and 2 and lasko cyclone (my first fan, it’s large but not good) at 12 o’clock . I keep one of the fans pointed a little higher to hit my face a bit but mainly they point at my torso

Small one top right points at face. Small one bottom left I don’t even feel, but since I have it I put it on anyways.

Yeah, my best experience has been with a blower-style fan situated right next to my front wheel, angled up. This keeps the air on me, and only me, whether I’m up on the bullhorns or down in aero position.

Second best is a 20" floor fan, but mounted on the wall and angled down. The angle is such that it doesn’t work very well in aero position, though.

I have tried running both at the same time and the fan mounted on the wall doesn’t seem to add much.

it would be interesting to have someone who understands fluid dynamics (paging @Jonathan 's brother) to critique these types of asymmetric setups.
I think what you would find if you could map this is that you’re actually reducing the effectiveness of both fans by having them compete with each other.
You might actually find you are better off relocating the left hand LASKO to the floor and positioning it similiar to the right, and have both smaller Honeywell fans (love those little guys) pointed at your face.

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Tough to tell in the picture, but Lasko left hits my chest/torso, Lasko right is all legs. Honeywell right is in the face and above the streams of both Laskos. Honeywell left, well is just doing whatever. I’ve turned them on independently and marked their positions with pencil so it’s dialed if they get moved. I used to have one of the Lasko on my back but I felt like it wasn’t doing much and competing with the one in front.