Anyone else sweat asymmetrically?

I’ve got my trainer set up on a mat. Every time I really work up a sweat, I drip like crazy on the right side, but just a little on the left. Is this weird?

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Ha ha I notice this all the time, but mine is the left side


When my mat wears out, can we trade?

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Is your fan a little to the left?


It’s the air circulation. The dry side is evaporating. The other side doesn’t. So it collects and drips.

No fan. Not much circulation in the room at all.

I should probably fix that.

You should definitely get a fan. It makes a massive difference.

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No, I have the same thing, but on the left side. I have three fans running…one in front and two on the side. Also had noticed at the training center I used to use and even my old Schwinn Velodyne got corrosion on the left side of the trainer, but not as much on the right.

Same here, right side for me. No fan which definitely reduced capacity but keeps me adapted for hot days on the bike lol

Yep, left side is bone dry, right side is a mess. I’m using a Lasko fan.

Hahahaha. I always thought it was just me!

With no fans or evenly distributed fans, I have a one inch deep puddle on the right side and only a smattering of drips on the left. In my pain cave, I’ve now set the fans up to point from the right to try and maximize my sweaty side cooling. :slight_smile:

Left side for me. However, I’m definitely sweating from everywhere. So my current theory is that my posture is ever so slightly slanting downwards to the left causing the sweat to run off more to the left side. Maybe my left arm is shorter than my right arm?

My fan is center too and happens to me. But it’s air circulation in the room. If you guys sit in a sauna and sweat asymmetrically then there may be merit to this. It’s possible to have more sweat glands on one side but the incidence of this is 1 in millions.