Sweat proofing your trainer

Hey all,

Reading some of the comments about indoor sweating, I may in the minority here - but it seems like most of my sweat runs down my back and onto my trainer. With the moving parts, etc. I find it hard to cover with a towel. I have a bike bra thing that covers the top tube – but my problem is more behind me than in front.

Anyways, ride on!

  1. Consider a fan at the back, off one side that can blow across your back and actually work to evaporate that sweat rather than letting it pool and drip. You will gain some cooling effect, and potentially reduce the dripping. Win-Win.

  2. Depending on where you are getting the sweat, consider a “guard” or other device to catch and redirect the sweat to a better location. Making something that will clear your body and the trainer may be tricky, but I can envision it’s possible. Some of it depends on exactly where your dripping originates. Look to control and direct it in a different direction, as soon as it leaves your body or bike.

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Hmm… I sweat on the top tube mostly, and off the bars. Seems like sweating on the trainer could be problematic for obvious reasons. Do you use a climbing block, and is that when sweat drops behind you?

Oh yes, of course…FANS! More fans indeed.

I would reinvestigate your towel strategy. Rig up a towel with safety pins around your seattube and find a way to keep it suspended above the trainer. Got a fender?

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I have this old dry fit shirt from a charity walk, tuck it under my hoods and it covers way more than those thongs they sell with trainers.

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That shirt is great, it is subtly encouraging you to go fast because you are a lazy boy!

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haha, that shirt is brilliant!

I think @Oblewis you may be onto something there… I need to find a way to tie the towel to the seattube and drape it off the back without touching the drive train… just need to find an anchor point behind the bike

thanks, all!

As mentioned above, good fans will drastically reduce dripping sweat. I will sometimes tie on a bandanna and wear a thin cotton undershirt over my bibs, and combined with a fan on my back very little sweat makes its way to the floor. I am a heavy sweater, and these things have helped a lot, feeling cool also really helps with the RPE!