Direction of a fan for indoor cycling

Hi there!

Got [this](Cecotec Ventilador Industrial… fan a few days ago and although it’s really powerful I don’t know where to direct the airflow to.

Should it go mostly to my chest and head? Should it be located in front of me or somewhat to the side? Should it be in the floor or should I try to put it more to eye level?

Thanks in advance!

buy more! I usually start with my fan aimed low at legs then just keep moving up. when i start to suffer its at my face. but why not just buy 3 and cover all your bases. ask for a 4th for your birthday and get one behind you


I’m afraid I can’t afford to buy more in the short term though… but what kind of fan do you recommend in case of having so many? A bit smaller I guess…

In the meantime, where do you recommend I should direct the one I have?

Thanks a lot!

The main goal is to cool your core, so aiming at the chest is ideal. I also like hitting a bit of my face, but not everyone likes it, so it’s worth testing.

For that style fan, if you place it on the floor, having it at the front, slightly off to one side seems best. Dead center can lead to blocked flow from the wheel and handlebars. The slight offset can also help get side-flow happening, which I feel is best vs just hitting your chest dead square.

If you raise it off the floor, you can consider a more centered location, but that depends a bit on any screen or other items you may have in front of you besides the bike itself.


I have a similar one and put it dead center, above my front wheel, on a table. You can adjust how much of your core/face it hits by tilting it. This does 80% of my cooling. I have another fan hitting my legs, from the side, but wish I had one on each side.

I like this position too bc it helps with head sweat drips into the eyes (I shave my head) and gives an opportunity to help with sweaty hands/handlebars, getting some evaporation happening.

My TV sits behind it, but I can still see fine, since the fan is still pretty low. I need to sometimes be strategic with where I point the TV remote, bc the infrared eye happens to be right in line with the fan.

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My fan like the one the OP linked to sits on the floor behind me. But I’ve two half that size either side of me pointing at my torso and a remote control pedestal fan which points in my face when I am in the TT position.

Edit when I am on the move I usually take the two smaller ones with me and position them so one or both are in my face. I find psychologically at least I perform and stay in the TT position better then.

I was getting repeated ear/sinus infections when I was pointing it directly at my face. It stopped altogether when I started pointing it at my chest instead.


Interesting :thinking: I’ve never had a problem thankfully since I started turbore training in circa 2016 :+1:

@jmvicente90 As others have noted, cooling the core is key, but there’s something about having wind on the face that is both cooling and adds to the ruse about riding a bike that we’re telling our brain.

For a while I had one good strong fan down low and off to the side aiming up and at my core, and then a cheap (and much weaker) fan on the window sill right next to me aimed right at my face. That combo worked pretty well. I’ve since added a second strong fan and upgraded the fan that’s on my face, but it’s still nothing fancy.

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Single fan - Upper torso and face
Two fans - Upper torso and face on right, low in front 45 degree at left side of body and legs
Three fans - One either side low in front 45 degrees at legs and body, narrow focus fan on torso and face

Anything less than 3 powerful fans is total kids stuff. 20K Pinarello, one miserable Walmart puffer…

If you’re visibly sweating, you’re not cooling optimally. Before you write ‘heat adaption yada yada’ having excess heat every single workout is an utterly ridiculous idea.

Put simply, if you’re fans can’t cool you, you NEED MORE FAN.

More fan. More power. More watts. Reduced RPE.

Up your fan game.


Thanks a lot to all of you guys!

I’m barely sweating even in threshold sessions with the new fan, but I’ll try to get more fans to “up my fan game” as TheBandit put it.