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So I been doing trainer road since mid October last year and finally my TT bike has arrived. I am mainly Tri Focus so as anyone I ripped off the old road bike on the trainer and went about setting up the new bike. Ok my position is not quite dialled in that will take some adjustment from me.

I attempted Jacks + 2 last night it was as if muscles that i never used before, no power or sustainability either in the TT position (not quite bendy enough atm) or out of it.

Is it common to lose power from a bike switch ? Should ramp test in the TT position anyone have experience of this and how to best adjust ?

  • Yes. More specifically, less about the “bike” and more about your actual position and body alignment. Different bikes can be made to fit similarly and vice versa.
  • I’ve seen mixed answers here. I will link to some search results that may be helpful.

Generally speaking, you want to work into a new and somewhat “restrictive” position like this over time. Start with small bites of intervals with a reset to the base bar and repeat.

Also consider the actual interval efforts you are doing. It’s not always necessary to hit VO2 max and higher while in the TT position. Some do it and it can make sense at times. But you may find that many take the over Threshold efforts up, while doing the TT position for Thresh & lower efforts.

And as you progress from base through training up to your event, starting with some time in TT but growing that to more time as you get closer to you event makes sense.



Also, what are you using as your power source? If you are using a smart trainer then you can ignore that as a source of error but if you are using some sort of virtual power then make sure you tire and tire pressure are the same. Otherwise I don’t think a 10% difference in power would be unusual.

Even 2 different power meters can differ buy a couple % which could maybe make a difference in those higher intensity workouts.


Thankyou makes perfect sense. Yes using Smart trainer, it’s funny I thought the difficulty of the TT position would be my back but it’s actually the shoulders.

Baby steps it is and max intervals will be off the TT bars.

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Think that the priority needs to be practicing riding the new bike on the road when you can. The upper body strength can be improved off the bike, might be a better option.

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agree with this

put the old bike back on the trainer for a while and ride your TT bike on the road a couple of times a week for the next few weeks.

that should help with the adaptation to the new position then when it comes to it i would maybe look at switching the TT bike onto the turbo at the start of a recovery week, do those sessions in the TT position, possibly with intensity dropped down, then ramp test in the TT position and train that way for subsequent weeks.

my opinion, for what it’s worth, is that nothing beats adapting to the TT position like riding the bike out on the road. Prior to any event make sure to do some longer sessions out on the road and in position.


No chance far to wet and cold in the UK, got to be at least 15c before i go outside on a road bike again :slight_smile:

Do you only ride outside 5 days a year? :rofl:


It’s very selfish but climate change is doing wonders for UK cycling. We had at 14 days of sunshine on the trot last year with no vehicle’s due to lockdown :slight_smile:

That is true, but I do worry for your plans to race! If you are going to do races in the UK you will be lucky if you get above 10 degrees until May. Looking back at my racing in 2019, some of my races were 1 or 2 degrees, including the last of the season in October.

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All my main races are in June and July. As you get older you get wiser :slight_smile:

I am possibly older than you, and as you get older you make the most of every opportunity. Timetrials, not triathlons though.

Just turned 50, going to be my last year of full and half distances Tri events. Next goal is is to take the 75-80 HR record. A good 15 years of base building should do the trick.

Not going to stop triathlons though, I really enjoy the plate spinning of 3 disciplines you never get bored.

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this week i got a ride in that wasn’t in my garage for the first time this year - it’s been marvellous in the sunny Norh West :wink:

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