Does riding on drops use same muscles as TT position?

So, I trained all winter on the hoods and no surprise first TT of the year I can’t get the power down. Also, I struggle to get the power down on the flats on my road bike when I get in a more aggressive position.

My main goal is getting faster on the road bike, but I also want to improve my TT times.
I use a road bike on the trainer and am thinking should I train in the drops (and will this also pull up my TT power) or should I get some clip on aero bars (and will this help my aggressive road position)

Hope what I’m asking kind of makes sense. So in essence is there a crossover between the two positions or do I need to focus separately?

I would look at your position on both the road bike and the TT bike first. Maybe your TT position is too aggressive compared to your road bike position? You could also do more stretching, because typically the smaller hip angle is a problem in generating power on a TT bike. Not sure if that is similar to riding in the drops - maybe a little bit, but it doesn’t feel like that to me.

Also, some power drop in TT position could be ok, if you’re more aerodynamic, you might still be faster than with higher power and less aero.

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In terms of your lower back, yes.

In terms of the muscle groups in your legs, no.

Is there crossover, yes. But it’s not identical.

A good TT position will emphasise different muscles in your legs.


Im curious as well, as i’d think a good tt position would have less of a hip angle and this easier to breathe/produce power. Ive been working on ridng in the drops indoors and outdoors myself, notice about 2 to 3 bpm increase in the drops at same power and am curious as to what sort of power I could produce in a good TT position.