Road Bike to TT Bike - Toggling Back and Forth

I know there has been discussion about power differences between the two positions, but how many of you out there toggle back and forth on a regular basis? I’ve done long course tri’s and love to TT, so I spend a fair amount of time on my Plasma. This year I’ve spent more time road riding, and will be doing some road events next year, so I’m spending my time splitting between the two bikes (nearly 50/50) while on the trainer. Anyone else do this? What challenges do you have? Do you typically train to whatever FTP you hit in testing despite one of the bike positions perhaps being weaker?? I find my testing to be stronger in aero and go with that. Road bike work seems to be harder to hit, but will only make me stronger out in the wild. Input / insights appreciated.


I do most of my riding on the road bike but the TT bike is the one on the trainer. I aim to do as blocks in the TT position but in reality I keep on sitting up to see my laptop and breathe better on harder and longer efforts. I get more power in the TT position for 1-5minutes but finding myself running low on oxygen and looking at the screen and fill my lungs more for another 1-5minutes effort on the ski poles.

So more power shorter period - what about full hour? Average/NP power numbers consistent between the two? General sensations after one versus the other? Anything deleterious from one to the other? For me, I see it as necessary to mix it up moving forward for success in other areas than tri’s/tt’s, but know that the road bike work seems a bit more difficult.

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It varies on the time of year but, I ride the TT bike every week. Usually, I do SS work on it. I test better on the TT bike than my road for some reason. It works to set zones at 90% rather than the standard 95%…

I also try and ride the gravel bike on trails once a week. Keeps me well rounded I think.

I test better TT as well - I believe due to lower HR from being down full aero. The few beats seem to make a difference.

I’ve never done full on 1h sat up indoors or out. My last 25mile TT was 251w NP (in the poles for an hour). Normal hour long road bike sessions not flat out will be just over 200w

Maybe the best to compare it to is a road bike TT of just under 28mins was 223w and a week later sporting club TT was 283w NP for just under 26min on a TT bike but it probably had a mixture of up sprinkled in. Both were mid chemo so I would have erred on the side of caution through bends. On the face of that the that at least out side and delimitted to me the TT bike in a lower position (not necessarily 100% on the poles) is still more powerful :thinking:

FWIW my last go on that course on the TT bike (a year later, post chemo and a position change) I was over a minute faster for 250w NP and would have been in the poles for the majority of the ride👍

I’ve not found a difference in my FTP across the TT bike and roadie.
Last winter I decided I’d train on the TT only in prep for an IM. (Was cancelled :man_shrugging:).
Saw no improvement or loss out on the road bike. Did enjoy not having to clean the winter bike after an outdoor ride in order for it to go on the turbo right away - lazy I know.
This year I’ve got a dedicated turbo bike, and the TT is hung up waiting to roll out when testing season rolls around - I can’t imagine it’s going to hurt my times. I think it gets a bit over thought.