Sustained or Short Build for Enduro Racing Training?

I raced some enduro events last year for the first time and got hooked! Planning on doing some local races this year and an EWS 100.

Last year I did low volume plans: sweet spot ->short power build → cyclocross specialty

I noticed that last year what really killed me were the long climbs up to the stages, usually about an hour of sustained pedaling up a steep grade. I would feel super gassed and fatigued when it was time for my race run.

For that reason, I think I identified my weakness as a lack of conditioning during long sustained efforts. I am thinking about going with the sustained build phase this year. Does this seem like the right move? Or will doing a higher volume short power build plan equip me with the stamina/endurance to last during the climbs better without sacrificing my sprint training?

What you want is most likely a base build. Do a bunch of z2 work since don’t actually need to work on putting out more power going up.

Do you mean doing extra base training, like repeating sweet spot base or something?