Sustainable power build plan and FTP change

Hi there,
Apologies if I run the question being asked. I didn’t find anything in existing topics. So wanted to get your opinion.
I started Build phase - Sustainable Power plan. So I reached the middle of it and there was the FTP test as part of the plan. So far my FTP increased on 7%. But It didn’t update in my profile and didnt affected for further workouts in the plan. So I thought the main idea of having ftp in the mid of plan to revisit ftp and read just further workouts. Can you advise?

Are you certain that you clicked/pressed “Accept the new FTP” when presented with the option at the completion of the FTP Test?

  • If you accidentally said no/discard or whatever the “No” option is… you would have been left with the original FTP.

  • If you click “Accept…”, it will update in your profile and be used as the new FTP for all future workouts.

I suspect you might have hit the other option. It happens a fair bit when you consider the state that most of us are when when that option is presented.

You can also contact for more direct help. They can possible track when you tested and what happened.

Yeah, I’m sure I tapped “Accept”. So I updated manually in my profile to new one. Hence all the workouts FTP updated as well. So I run the workout yesterday and was almost dead after. So I was thinking - probably FTP should not change to further workouts - this is why I posted this topic

It is supposed to update. A 7% change in 3 weeks is big, and the sustained power build second half is really hard. No doubt the workouts will tax you - they’ve been crushing me for a lot of reasons.

That said if you can complete them but they’re hard, you’re right on track and should keep going. If you can’t, you have a number of options to reduce intensity during the workout or you can manually reduce FTP.


Got it! Thanks for the sharing. Your experience encouraged me to keep on :slight_smile: