AI FTP Not Decreasing

Hi I’m sure this has been asked before but I haven’t completed a scheduled workout since June 23 (two failed ones since then a complete break for 3 weeks). I just did my AI FTP and it stayed the same - that doesn’t seem right does it? I can pretty much guarantee I am not able to complete a workout I was able to a month ago. Should I do a manual FTP change?

Have you been riding outside (and with a power meter) during this period ?

No I haven’t been riding at all.

Don’t overstress it and simply verify your FTP with a few workouts and outdoor rides. FTP may change in unpredictable ways after a longer break. When I took a month-long break in April, my FTP did not change too much, but my endurance went in the crapper.

So when you identify how your fitness has changed, address it accordingly. My solution was to add a polarized block, because that puts more emphasis on endurance rides and long, sustained efforts.


I’m in build phase but I feel like I should go back to base phase

I know PLs degrade automatically if you haven’t done any workouts in that zone, maybe the AI FTP algorithm is different though and simply stays the same if you don’t give it any data.

And yes, following failed workouts and a 3 week break I’d say going back to base is the best approach. Maybe a shortened base if you have an A event planned in the next few months. Given that you were failing workouts before the break I’d also say that best thing is to start back at a pretty low level where you’re able to nail some workouts and build up some momentum and good feelings about your training again. So dial your FTP down manually, maybe 10%? Can always adjust it up again if things are too easy after the first few workouts, or start picking slightly harder alternates so that your progression levels advance quickly.

Thanks I think that’s what I’ll do. Ditch my training plan and manually insert a base phase.

In my mind a 3-week break is borderline, I think you can go either way. If it is a month+, then yes. But you could continue. Also, you should consider that you won’t likely be able to go through a full training cycle this year.

I decided to go back to base. I don’t have any events this year now and am probably having surgery in November so no harm. I had two lots of specialty before the build where I started failing my workouts and I find specialty really really tiring. Aerobic vo2 vo2 exhausts me every time. Next time I’m on specialty I think I’ll exchange one out


If you haven’t done a workout since June 23 how did you get to build phase, bypassing base? It’s a prime example of where you’d need to rebuild a base.

But your progress levels would have declined so you will be offered easier workouts