Favorite cycling sunglasses

Is everybody wearing the larger style cycling sunglasses? Is there a huge benefit over “normal” sized?

I know Oakley sutro to get mentioned a lot. I’ve been considering Smith Bobcat as I like Smith stuff.

I tried a pair of Blenders a couple years ago but they didn’t feel particularly secure.

I also tried Tifosi sledge and I think fit wise they were okay the frame plastic was so rigid it felt like they would snap when changing lenses.

Anybody got any favorites? I see brands like 100% but don’t really know how they stack up

I’ve been wearing a pair of Sledges for a few years and I enjoy them. I don’t change the lenses a ton, but I do from time to time and haven’t had any issues with them, thankfully.


I’m tired of losing, breaking or getting lenses scratched on expensive cycling glasses.

These work great - they are light, secure and provide good coverage, with no excessive gap between the bottom of the glasses and my cheeks. Plus, they are cheap enough where I don’t stress out if I drop them on the trail.


My main glasses just now are Ekoi Bike sunglasses EKOI PERSOEVO4 Black Mat Revo Red CAT3 - EKOI

And my previous/ spare pare are Oakley Flight Jacket Oakley OO 9401 OO9401 Sunglasses Flight Jacket | Designer Glasses

I had something similar sized from Oakley before that.

I think the Ekoi ones are my favourite.

I like the eye protection offered by bigger lenses.

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Radar® EV Path® Prizm Road Lenses, Polished White Frame Sunglasses | Oakley® GB

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I wear Oakley Sutros both on and off the bike and even have a prescription insert that replaces the nose piece.

3 frames with 3 lenses - bright, low light, and clear.
My only issue is that the lenses are fairly delicate, but that’s never been an issue on the bike (both times I ruined lenses were from off-bike impacts).

I’ve got smiths and oakleys but nothing beats Matrix Nano Nordic Light - Matt black, Violet w blue multi | Bliz EU for low light conditions.

Sponsored by smith though and I like half-frame or no frame glasses - Momentums or Mag Splits in chromapop.

If you want photochromic, go julbo.

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The Iridium lenses on the EKOI and Oakley are good for most lights but for gravel bike rides or rides at dusk I use a cheap pair of RockBros Photochromatic but those aren’t as big but it saves me finding and swapping lenses on the EKOI/Oakleys

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I’d never heard of EKOI

A French make who started sponsoring the pro peloton a few years back (Confidis, Lotto, Arkea B&B and Israel PMT are sponsored by them).


I’m with you on losing, breaking or getting lenses scratched on expensive glasses. I wear Smith & Wesson Magnum 3G safety glasses that fit me great, have no visible distortion and are cheap. Plus, they are available untinted that I use for cloudy days. Have a pair in the car too as well as a couple in the drawer at home as backups.


Tofosi Veloce clear progressives. Cheap replacement lenses avail on line.

Rockbros photochromic on Amazon. so comfortable I forget I’m wearing them.



I use untinted for most of my MTB rides. Helps when riding through trees from shade to sun, and also I feel I can generally see trail features better with clear glasses.

I was looking exactly for this. My Jawbreaker with the photochromic lens is heavily scuffed, and I wasn’t willing to spend 100 + CAD on replacement lenses. That’ll fit perfectly for rainy and cloudy rides.

POC Devour is now my favorite.

Yes, they’re huge. Possibly the biggest pair of glasses you can buy. But they fit me great and work well with my helmet. I barely know they’re on.

I also have a pair of Koo Demos and like them almost as much.

And before anyone asks, no I did not pay the $250 retail. Easy enough to find all of these for 100 bucks give or take.

They look comfy!!!

I actually started running a few months ago and I use my cycling Smith sunglasses for races, but does anyone have any recommendations for trail running sunglasses? hehe

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I use Oakley Sutro S. They are big but smaller than most. I have a narrow face. I don’t like the bigger ones but on colder days it keeps the cold wind out of my eyes and keeps the from watering as much. Got them on sale as well. That helps.


I like Tifosi for several reasons: reasonably priced, they have frames for smaller faces, they have lenses that adjust to sunlight (perfect for long races that start in the early morning hours and go thru the afternoon), AND…now they have built in readers so old farts can read the directional cues on their computer :grin: