What type of sunglasses are you guys wearing?

It’s time to retire my 15 year old pair of Oakley M series sunglasses. I’m curious what people are wearing these days and why they like them.


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Oakley Radar – good coverage for bike and run.


Oakley radar path is a good choice, as well as the evzero path. I always recommend the Prizm lenses, they are better than the traditional Oakley lenses. The Prizm road is good for brighter days, the Prizm trail is the one for grey days (and for trails, obviously). I also have one glasses with Prizm low light lenses for dark autumn rides.


Oakley Jawbreaker or RayBan Wayfarers depending on ride.


Tifosi something-or-rathers. Had’em forever. Bought them on sale. Work just as good as anything.

I have some Oakley Frogskins for everyday use and sometimes on the bike. I honestly can’t tell the difference between them and the Tifosi. Maybe some people have better eyes than me but the more expensive sunglasses just aren’t worth it to me when compared to moderately priced glasses. Cheap are usually just cheap.

That being said the Oakleys with Prism lenses are pretty incredible.


Chinese Jawbreakers… Too tight to buy a real pair!


I’m running Tifosi right now. I have a couple pairs and they’ve been great. Less expensive than Oakley but still durable. Both of mine have a frame across the top of the lenses. I’m thinking about getting some of their “podiums” to get “frameless”, clear vision when my head is down and I’m looking near/over the top of the lense.


I’ve used these for years. They are sooooooo light and do not fog. You won’t feel them on your face biking or running.


New link - other one is broken:



Oakley Jawbreakers.


Oakley Radarlocks.

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Oakley Jawbreakers

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Like the Oakley EVZero, but these are even better: https://www.julbo.com/en_us/sunglasses/aerospeed?_ga=2.24724602.1105468342.1552243795-1721406777.1552243795#216=444&318=2520

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Jawbreaker - they look cool

But they can fog up on cold mornings

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Smith Pivlock Arena or Arena Max. You can pick them up for 60-80 dollars a pair if you hunt around. You get 2-3 lenses depending on which ones you buy. Optics are better than the Tifosi’s I have had in the past. Lenses are impact resistant as well. Probably saved my eye when I smashed the pavement a year ago in a crit race. After that incident I am a lot more picky about my eyewear while on the bike.


+1 for Smith. I’ve been wearing pivlocks since I was on a team with a smith deal. Got back into riding last year and tried to skimp and grabbed a pair of Tifosi. You get what you pay for. Promptly returned them and got the Arena Max. Great optics, easy lens swaps, well made, and fit well. Also save a few $$$ cause you don’t pay the “Oakley tax”.


I’ve been using the Ryder’s Roam with Frye lens and they’ve been great. They are the only lenses I’ve ever had that don’t fog with how much moisture my face generates


They work pretty well. Block out basically all wind when close to the face, and the latch to add a gap controls fogging really well.

The look is a little… extreme. Especially in pink.

100% S2 glasses and/or POC DO Half Blade. Depends on my mood. Sometimes I pull out an old Rudy Project or Smith Pivlock to change it up. This is just for road riding. Don’t get me started on mountain biking… or commuting.

I have a sunglasses problem. I shouldn’t be here. I shouldn’t be on this thread.

I need to go call my sponsor.


I wear contacts while riding so glasses choice is very important otherwise they dry out and it’s horrible. So far I’ve had cheap no-name sunglasses, Smith Pivlock and Oakley Jawbreakers. The jawbreakers are on another level and I’m actually really disappointed that they moved to a new design. The new nose piece is nowhere near as comfortable.

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Oakley’s Prizm technology really is remarkable.

For road cycling, I mainly wear something with Prizm Road lenses. I find they work well from bright light to overcast. On a really dark day, or near dusk, they get a bit dark. I usually wear either Jawbreakers or EVZero Path’s. If you are looking to get just one frame, the Jawbreakers allow you to change lenses. The EVZero’s don’t.

For mountain biking I like the Prizm Trails, but only where sunlight can penetrate. In heavily wooded areas I find them a little dark. In these situations I prefer Oakley’s photochromic lens. It lacks Prizm technology but still works well.

I did recently pick up a pair of the Prizm low light lenses. Curious to see how these are on the trail and possibly at dusk on the road.

For the skiers, the Prizm goggles are equally cool.