Suggestion: Youtube Clip Channel

Similar to how Joe Rogan one YouTube channel for his full length podcasts and another for his clips, It would be nice if TrainerRoad did something similar. I usually watch the full length videos and seeing the clips show up after I’ve already seen the full episode at fist was just disappointing because I thought a new episode was available, but now its just a little annoying(annoying seems like too strong of a word, but its all I could come up with).

They already have this covered under the “Playlist” section:

If you click on the “VIEW FULL PLAYLIST” option, you will get the following list. It includes the episodes with the most recent already on top and descending from there.
The Ask a Cycling Coach Podcast: Livestreams"

Right, but if I’m subscribed to TrainerRoad there’s no way to keep all the clips out of my feed of subscribed content. It’s not an issue of being able to filter/find the full length podcasts, just keeping the clips out of my feed.

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I see.