FAQ: How to Search for Ask A Cycling Coach Podcasts

Searching Episode Lists in the TrainerRoad forum:

  • ??? More instructions to come once they are in place. ???

Searching Soundcloud:

  • Note: Do this from a web browser on PC or mobile, not the Soundcloud app.
  1. Go to https://soundcloud.com/stream

  2. Click in the “Search” box and, enter “TrainerRoadplus one or two key words, and then run the search.

    • Example: TrainerRoad Stage
      • To find “TrainerRoad” episodes containing “Stage” racing info.
      • Tip: It is generally best to keep search terms to a minimum to find the most results. If there are too many to filter through, revise search terms as needed and repeat.
  3. Open the full page for any episodes that look like possible results you want.

    • The key word(s) from the search may not be in the main title that is visible.
  4. From the full episode page, click the [Show more] button to see the full Topics List.

  5. Tip: Do a text search (usually CTRL+F) on the page and search for the same key word(s) that you used in the original search.

    • This should make finding it in the Topics List a bit easier, so you can review that line and see if it applies to your needs.
  6. Or you can simply read the full Topic list to find your interest.


We’re going to have show notes for each episode in this forum too.


That will be AMAZING!!! :smiley:

Awesome to hear as that should make searching a bit easier and much more direct.

I appreciate the connection as cutting down on the steps and outside apps is so much easier.

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Glad to hear! Looking forward to slicing and dicing the data in tomorrow’s podcast…

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Cool. I am always listening to your blog during my TR workouts (lots of backlog for me) so this will help to find interesting topics.

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Thank you for the new show notes @Nate_Pearson, long overdue!