Why is Live stream/Youtube episode longer than the PoDCAST

If I listen to the podcast, I miss out on all the viewer questions as you end the podcast but keep going in livestream/recorded youtube.

There is a lot of good stuff missed if you listen to the PODcast.





@hughmoore the idea is to try and get more people to listen to the live cast. It is however also available on the YouTube version of the podcast as you note. If you want to listen to it after the fact and have it be like a podcast, you can use one of the free software apps out there to convert the YouTube version into an audio only file that you can then listen to like a podcast.


Being in the UK it is hard to listen live. I was wondering if the full version could be published to members. Non members would get the shorter version. It wouldn’t be hard to put the long version behind a password and members link.


I second that especially when YouTube won’t run in the background on your iPad when using TR and wanting to view what’s coming up. I know YouTube premium will but I’m not paying for that at the price it is. It’s ok on longer interval sessions. It’s not a major problem but Wouk be nice if there was a way around it! Can’t really complain much with the podcast being so good and free after all!


Should be at no charge on YouTube but maybe that’s a UK thing.

I’d love to have the full version on the podcast as well. As a trainerroad subscriber, I love how it works for a time-crunched athlete. I love listening to the podcast on my long runs, but can’t help but feel a bit disappointed when I can’t listen to all the content.


Given watching live at 2-30 am in Australia goes completely against Chad’s philosophy that rest and recovery is critical to improvement, surprising they persist with the shortened podcasts. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


I’ve always thought they would get more live listeners, at least from the US, if they did it at night rather than 8am Pacific. I’m pretty sure my boss would frown upon me watching it on Facebook during work hours, that is even assuming I could block off that much free time. :smiley:

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I’ve wondered if the extra content on YouTube is designed to drive additional “hits” - ie. one hit to download the podcast and then another hit on “YouTube” to get the extra content. For every user that does this it will make it look potentially like two unique users.

Perhaps an option would be to make the “extra” content available as a separate mini-podcast that could be downloaded separately? This would be similar to what Ariel Helwani did with his ESPN MMA Show, where there is the regular feed and now a separate “Post Show”. Both are available as podcasts.

I tend to listen a lot while either riding or commuting in my car. On long rides, I’ll cue up my podcast playlist and this doesn’t work well with YouTube. It would be fantastic to have the extra content available without having to go to YouTube.


Only likely reason is to bring more attention to the social media side, obviously the attention there counts, and I’m sure that plays into some future plans also.

The timing works out perfectly for me that I usually watch it live on the trainer, then rewatch/listen to it later on for the parts I missed during the tough work lol.

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I watch the Facebook version after they are done recording it, so I get the extra content with the ability to pause. I’ve tried listening to it livewhile im working but if I miss 3 minutes of a discussion it’s like I haven’t listened to anything at all :joy:


I have always wondered why there is always 5-7 minutes of dead air when you watch a replay of the podcast on youtube? Can’t that be edited out?

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If I’m not mistaken, I think that they do that eventually. Check a past episode that’s over a week old and it starts right up.

I think it takes a bit of time before they get the editing done.

YouTube has a somewhat awkward process for this and lately it has been taking a very long time. Here’s how it works:

In short, if a stream is scheduled and we have our streaming set up ready to go, YouTube starts showing the waiting screen. After the stream is over, we go back in as soon as YT lets us and remove that portion of the stream, however it is up to YouTube’s servers to process that change to the video. This used to take 2-5hrs depending on YT’s bandwidth, but lately it has been taking as long as one week.

We are currently working with their support team to get this resolved, but apparently it is a problem across the board with all YT live streams.

To temporarily fix this, we’re taking the more risky approach of not getting everything queued up until the last minute.

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I can understand the FOMO on this one, and we don’t want you to miss out on anything. :slight_smile:

Here’s the reasoning:
As other’s have indicated, we want more folks to join us live for the podcast. It’s fun to connect with you live, and I feel it helps deliver the best experience for this content. If you can’t join us live, you can at least watch/listen to the podcast on YouTube. I promise that seeing our ugly mugs as we speak will somehow add to the experience. :wink:

That said, I want to clarify that the post-podcast content is not for live viewers only. You can view that content at any point after the fact on YouTube. I’ll adjust how we mention that to make it more clear.

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It would still be great if the additional questions could be posted as a podcast feed for those that prefer the audio only feed (or just include in the regular podcast feed).


Weve heard this answer before Jonathan and respectfully its nice that you all want us to join in. However you are dealing with a world wide audience. As customers of your product I want it to be as easy as possible to use and to get as much out of it as I can. That is what I am paying for. I realize the podcasts are “BONUS” content. But we would like access to all of it in one stream or podcast. I feel its somewhat selfish and short sighted of your company to say “we want more folks to join us live for the podcast. It’s fun to connect with you live, and I feel it helps deliver the best experience for this content”! This would be true if you answered all of our questions and connected with all of us each show then we would all feel more connected and get the best experience for this content!!! A completely unrealistic expectation! My questions do not get answered so I am a passive listener. It works for me.

Many of us are working or sleeping or being busy with life, do you think its right to penalize a paying user who lives in Europe who is sleeping during your podcast? Or is it right to make a user jump through hoops who is working in the Central Time Zone to try and jump into the youtube video a few days later when its posted and working to try and figure where the normal programming ends and the BONUS content begins? Should an office worker risk his job to log into your feed in the middle of the work day so that he can see everything live and feel part of the experience and not have to waste time later getting the rest of the info?

Its quite simple to not cut your audio file and just let it play out and upload it. Its less work and makes it a lot easier for your consumers.


I agree, seeing your mugs on screen encourages me to ride, but Chad says its 2-30am in South Australia and I should be in bed. :slight_smile:

Its not a deal breaker as love what TR has done for me, but my vote is for full capacity Podcasts. Next Friday Ill be driving for 5 hours, so the longer your Podcast the better. :slight_smile:

I assume, you are aware of your numbers for live vs delayed listeners and viewers. Maybe we need a Poll :slight_smile:


I’m thinking it’s more of a YouTube hits vs podcast hit thing. Logically I don’t follow the “ join us live “ response either given the content is still available post live session albeit only on YouTube . It’s not a huge issue except I can’t use my phone while it plays. I usually start the podcasts on my way home from work then finish on my tv when I get home.


I am not actively using TrainerRoad plans or workouts at the moment, but renewed my subscription as recognition of the great total ecosystem offering (especially the podcasts).

I really enjoy the podcasts, especially the ability to download and listen when offline with simplicity. I also refer plenty of others to the product and ecosystem.

@Jonathan - I am firmly in the camp of feeling disadvantaged and let down about not being able to listen to the full version via simple podcasts. TR customers are global and it seems I’m not the only one who doesn’t buy into the rationale; clear feedback being offered. Access for members sounds great to me!