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As I am approaching the condition mentioned in title, I thought of this relationship we are having with the hosts. It is strange to realize that the voices are familiar but not as much the visual appearance.

It has been quite a journey while learning all of this stuff during the years, but as I still have a few episodes left so I will share more thoughts later.

When you have completed all podcast episodes (available on that date) you can just sign or additionally share your feelings about the process in this thread.


Yep, early days TR user and completed all podcasts. I have a lengthy Friday commute so current podcast release timings work well for me


Done, and done, and done… 3 passes through the entire catalog. Currently part way thru a 4th round, but I cheated and started this one on Ep 100.

Got to really pull some gems from the shows, especially on the subsequent passes after hearing full stories, contradicting and changing opinions and general gain in my own knowledge.

I listen to the new episodes 3 times in the week to stay current. It’s quite a library of useful info and entertaining as well. Like above, I have roughly 50 minutes commute time each weekday, so it fills the void well.


Done. About a year ago I started at episode 1 and caught up and have listened regularly ever since. Was funny to hear the early ones knowing what actually happened or was released


Is it worth going back to episode one and starting over? I picked up somewhere in the late 100’s. Has the program changed enough to where that early stuff is irrelevant.

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I think I finally caught up about a year ago. Some I’ve enjoyed more than others, but I think I learn just a little something from nearly every one.
As a service technician, I often have relatively long drives between jobs and spend most of it listening to training or cycling specific podcasts.

  • There are good bits in all the old stuff.

  • The formatting was very different at the start (captures of Q&A sessions with just Chad and Jonathan) and then Nate pops in a few episodes later. They had a few other co-hosts before settling into the basics of the current format.

  • So listeners of the recent stuff are in for a bit of a shock if they step back, but it’s very interesting stuff and also shines a light on the progression of TR and their training philosophy as it evolved a bit (specifically when Nate hatches the idea of Sweet Spot substitution for the long Sunday rides, since the compliance it so low).



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Define “completed” for me. :upside_down_face:

Lately I’ve been jumping through parts that I have no interest (racing, MTB). Getting through them pretty quickly now, despite the extended lengths.

HOW DARE YOU!? :exploding_head:


There is nothing wrong with doing this. I listen on 2x and jump around regularly, but I often will go back to old stuff that I glossed over.

It would be a truly impossible task to make every piece of content relevant for everyone that listens, and it would end up watering it down.


Agree. TR’s podcast isn’t the only one I skip through uninteresting parts. No big deal. :man_shrugging:



To this old-fashioned codger the TR podcast has been a refreshing internet oasis. Here are just a couple reasons why.

They respect evidence more than their own beliefs or assumptions or hopes, whether it’s a matter of the hard science or of their community’s expectations. And so they regularly correct themselves. Last episode Chad matter-of-factly owned having been mistaken last year in endorsing pee sticks as a hydration check, because better evidence didn’t support it. No big deal or drama. But important. In a touchier example, Nate immediately took full responsibility for, and corrected, a social mistake in not warning of the impending rate hike so folks could grandfather in. I love it that in both areas ongoing correction is simply part of the TR ethos.

I often find the podcast as funny as the old Muppet Show, because of the contrast in personalities, each with their own tells, tics, and obsessions. But for all the laughs and humor I can’t remember an instance in which they made fun of anyone but themselves, snd never meanly even then. No cheap har-hars at someone else’s expense. Like respect for facts, this kind of humor helps ground us in reality and fosters rather than erodes community. Whether it’s Jonathan’s ahi dinner, or Nate’s Popeye struggles, or Chad’s hangover — we can all relate and thus wear our own struggles a little more lightly.

Also refreshing that the podcast’s only commercial pitch is for TR itself — fair, tasteful, and drumbeat-free. No 3rd-party t-shirts, logos, “reviews”, etc that you get with most podcast / YT channels.


I’ve been through all at least three times. I drive a truck 30-40 hours per week and when I get tired of music, audiobooks other podcasts I can throw these guys on and just cruise. Pick up new things all the time.

Nice to see how far they’ve come. Those 1st dozen episodes though… :grimacing:


All done and waiting for more!


I’ve listened to every episode.

I haven’t been back and relistened to every episode, I think I’d confuse myself with how their advice has evolved over the years.

I have listened to the episode where they answered my question…but that’s just my malignant narcissm talking.


Listened to all. Not sure on going back as old data is refuted (and admittedly some is confirmed). Instead of going back I pick Velo, PYSO, CN etc.


As a new user of TR, kid last year. I have done 1 full round thus far. It has been surprising how it has changed, the format, hosts, and the information given is all useful.

How their opinions have changed, just like training methods and science you need to adapt.

Each weeks i look forward to another podcast, it’s like a regular catch up with friends and your own coach.


Listener from episode #1. Haven’t missed one.