Suggestion for viewing training plans

It would be nice to have a compare training plan option- have two plans up at once in the app- so you can look simultaneously at the workouts in two plans. For example- you could have open the sweet spot build and the general build plans open to decide what is best for you.


Anyone figured out how to do this? I want to compare base Olympic Triathlon and Sweet Spot Base. Tough to do right now.

I can’t think of a useful way to do this in the TR UI, but I often compare plans also. Right now for example, I’m doing a sort of hybrid between mid-vol and high vol sweet spot, and I compare those plans often.
I also compare build plans for the same reason that you do.

I just open the plans in separate tabs/browsers and it’s easy to compare them in full screen anyway… i feel like anything side-by-side wouldn’t give enough visibility?

I already do this by having two widows open at the same time.

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As with @dtrevathan I use two tabs on Chrome to view different plans

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