Is there a way to see chart of current plan?

Hi, I mean the coloured chart shown during setting up a plan with custom plan builder. The one that shows different phases or blocks. Once plan is added to calendar, how can I see that chart? Don’t confuse with the Training Stress chart…

Nope, there’s not a way to access that overview after completing the Plan Builder process.

Hey @marcoslachnowicz!

At the moment we’ve removed the feature but you can contact TR Support ( and they will send you a link so you can see it :slight_smile:


Whatever the reason it should be brought back as soon as is convenient.


Yes! Agreed :slight_smile:

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@Caro.Gomez-Villafane, can you offer insight into why this feature was removed?

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Yes, of course @Crouch83!

Sorry, I should have mentioned the why in my response. :melting_face:

It was temporarily removed because it was showing the wrong phases for plans that hadn’t been updated from Sweet Spot to General Base. The plan is to add the feature back at a later point once all existing plans have been updated. I just don’t have an ETA of when that will be.


Thanks for the answer! I’m glad to hear that it will be coming back. It’s an extremely useful feature for me.

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Interesting - when it comes back - how will I be able to access it? I had not realised it was available and would be useful @Caro.Gomez-Villafane thanks

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Hey @PhilSJones :slight_smile:

Once it’s back, you should be able to find it by going to Calendar>>Training Plan Annotation>>Original Plan Overview

See image as an example: