Masters Cyclist Training Plans and TrainerRoad Product Updates! – Ask a Cycling Coach Podcast 448

A lot of great things coming and this podcast episode is much appreciated. Thanks @Nate_Pearson and team!


Thanks @Nate_Pearson ! I really liked the update!


Do I spy WLV2?! :eyes:


Yes, I believe so. E.g. anaerobe 0.9 is not a thing with the current system. They most likely run it the background for some selected users to evaluate.

What gave it away for me was the “VO2 Max 6.0/6.8”.

Looks like (actual PL achieved) / (Prescribed TR Workout PL).

And I am assuming the rides with one PL value are the “unplanned” rides.


Good point. I see that the Saipel workout is listed as VO2Max 6.0/6.8 in the calendar. However, in the current TrainerRoad workout library it is actually listed as 7.9. It makes sense that they have to give all workouts a new score to match the new algorithm.

Having just watched the video in full I have some notes.

  • WLV2: TL;DR Nate says they were close to releasing it and then they found some bugs. Still some work to do and no tentative release date (publicly at least). A little disappointing but understandable that they are taking their time and want to get this right.

  • Red/Green: Looks cool and I am curious whats feeds into this: I am rolling TSS and answered survey answers? Any thoughts to allow imported biometrics (Apple Health, Whoop, Oura, Garmin, etc.) to feed into this processing?

  • New Plan Builder: This suggested workflow looks awesome and adding more customization based on a athlete’s plan or desire to get better in climbing, etc. looks like a game changer. I am really excited about this one!


It would be cool if there was tighter integration with Garmin connect, especially when implementing the red days feature. As cool as machine learning guesses on what days are actually red days, it would be helpful if TR just downloaded my nightly HRV from garmin connect:

Here is my TP data from GC for today, in two entries:

On GC, your optimal HRV range is determined by a 4 week average, and then a 7 day average is used when calculating accumulated fatigue


:rofl: The Forum People will show you what you chose and how we told you not to do it…


I’m looking forward to the updated plan builder. I don’t race, so don’t have an event, which currently results in a 12 month plan being built by plan builder (which I can’t be bothered with, so I manually add base/build plans instead). Upcoming plan builder looks like something that I’ll use as I can tell it that I have no events, but that I want a plan for X months, focusing on XYZ. That will be a game changer for me.

  • You have an option in the Plan Builder to set a desired end date and get any range you want other than the 12-months that default without a date set.

ETA to add pic.


Yes you do! I wondered if anyone would catch on to that :-D.


Here’s an example from one of Jon’s rides.

He beat his threshold target, although his iniitial level was a bit higher. Also went higher in Vo2 than prescribed but is well below his level.


Very cool!!

Just changed my sub from monthly back to Annual again and am looking forward to planning all the way through to this time next year again.

Could you run it on one of my races (22nd Oct or 4th Nov) just for s and g’s?

Fascinated to see an early indication of what it thinks of longer rides.

(Understand of course why not, if not :joy:)

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this was fantastic to see where TR is going and now I understand red light green light. So much of what I am hoping for was shown here. Looking forward to Triathlon integration.


Hurts to see it and know that it’s still a ways off.

A couple of questions/comments on the podcast.

  1. I was a bit surprised that you didn’t say anything about the link to the Apple Watch. I got a notice yesterday about sharing workout/health metrics with TR, which I allowed.

  2. Have you ever considered adding a bike option for workouts? I swap back and forth between a TT bike and road bike. Doing threshold work or over/unders on the TT bike with a road bike FTP, and vice versa, is either too easy or leaves me a bit on the crispy side.


Very cool stuff. I’m most excited about the red/green light feature—I don’t know if it’s been mentioned elsewhere, but will that take into account fatigue from runs and swims in the tri plans?

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Whoops!! Next time! :smiley:


No, we don’t have plans to do this.