Adaptive training “problem”

I think this may be a potential issue, so I thought I would share.
I am on the low-volume plan, I was supposed to have a tough workout on Saturday. Instead I did a group ride where I got punished.
I pushed my Saturday TR workout to Sunday .
I just attempted it and failed. I’m pretty sure I could’ve done it yesterday. But AT does not know about my group ride yesterday. So now it’s going to lower some of my scores and my next workout may be too easy. Not sure how to work around this

That depends whether you bump your workout back a day next week as well, and do it after a group ride. I’d mark your workout on the basis of what actually happened, not what you think the machine learning wants to hear. TR still knows that you did that group ride, though I’ve lost track of whether or not they try to account for that in the AT mechanics yet.


Just don’t accept the AT adaption. Simple as that. AT doesn’t automatically change you workouts: it gives you the ability to accept or reject adaptations.


Good point

Any reason you didn’t substitute (or assign) your Group ride for the workout?


I’m not on AT yet but, if I’m understanding what has happened, easier workouts are required.

Your group ride built fatigue that your body couldn’t shift in time for your TR workout. You weren’t able to complete that workout as prescribed. If AT were to prescribe workouts at your levels prior to the group ride, there’s a chance you’d still be carrying too much fatigue.

I might have completely misunderstood your post or be misunderstanding the scope of AT. My understanding is that AT adjusts the intensity in an effort to stop TR users ‘burning out’. The next few workouts might enable you to freshen up and lose some fatigue.

It is not often that a ‘problem’ is posted that has so many viable solutions.
In addition to the above solutions you could accept the ‘easy’ workout and increase difficulty slightly or select a +1 version.

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Well I picked low volume, so I could sprinkle in some group rides. I didn’t want to skip the workout.

Not exactly because next weekend I won’t be able to do a group ride, and so my TR ride will likely not challenge me

If you complete the next TR workout and it’s super easy, you can tell AT that it was easy, via the end of workout survey, right?

Or, you could up the workout intensity by 5/10% and Super Pass the session.

Wouldn’t both of these options enable AT to get you back to an intensity which you believe is where you’re at?

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Not every workout needs to challenge you. Some of them can feel easy and are still money in the bank. That said, the post workout survey will account for this. One workout in your progression feeling easy isn’t going to ruin your plan or goals, so I’d personally ride it as planned and score it with the post workout survey accordingly.

We are actively working on unstructured rides and workouts being accounted for a possible adaptation! You’re getting good advice here for how to address it in the meantime, it’ll take a little adjusting in the meantime while we work on this. Thanks for your patience!