Sugar causes me to cramp

Hey guyz good day to all, guys I am off sugar I can’t have have any product with sugar. because the sugar causes me to cramp my problem is when I go on a long ride how do I top up my glycogen what do I eat?

I’m not sure sugar is the cause, how did you come to this conclusion? Science doesn’t actually know what the reason for cramping is, but there are a few working theories. Solutions and avoidance of cramping vary per rider, event and duration as well.


As @MI-XC said - I’d love to know why you believe sugar is causing cramps for you.

Presumably you’re able to eat things other than refined sugar - but honestly that’s a total guess. I’ve never really heard anyone blame sugar for cramps.

Pack some rice cakes or dates and eat those

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Surely, if sugars are the problem, anything containing carbs that you eat will break down to, and be absorbed as sugars so would cause a similar issue?

I’m being cycling for 3 years now every time I went out I cramp but for some reason 3 weeks ago I come to the conclusion is the added sugar in cakes and sweets making me cramp so I decide to give up sugar and since I give it up I hasn’t cramp since

If you’re eating “cakes and sweets” as nutrition on the bike, there is probably a whole host of other junk in there that is affecting your body negatively. I’d stick with heathier options (will still be processed as sugar by the body) and stay away from refined sugar and junk food. What you choose will depend on duration and intensity of the ride, but there are some good suggestions above. If your intensity is high, look at Cliff Bloks, SIS or Hammer gels, Skratch or Hammer Heed sports drink, or solid foods like fig bars by Nature’s Bakery for lower intensity. Endurance rides you can mix in peanut butter and jelly sandwiches or whatever healthy options your stomach can handle without distress.

For longer durations, my sure your hydration has electrolytes as that is likely one of or a contributing factor to cramping.

Also, just to clarify, do you mean muscle cramps in your legs or stomach/gut cramps?

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Muscle cramp in my leg

Could it be a hydration issue? Eating sugary foods could be throwing off the osmotic balance in your cells causing the cramps?


Fruit? Lots of it. If fruit gives you cramps then you’re a scientific anomaly!

I’d definitely focus on making sure you are hydrated and using some electrolytes in your bidons/bottles and see if that helps. Early on in my cycling life I used to get calf cramps at the end of short/intense rides and it was all down to hydration, taking in some electrolytes really helped.

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Whilst cramps are still fundamentally not understood, i thought they (the medical world) were starting to get close to confirming that is due to muscle fatigue and/or imbalance rather than anything to do with hydration, chemical balance etc.

I’m sure that is also the case, hydration can be a factor though and is an easy one to get on top of.

Bike position could play a part here. If your saddle is too high and you are toe-pointing to reach the pedals, or your cleats a long way forward, these can both cause an increased contribution from the calf muscles which could lead to cramping. Could the tie in with sugar consumption just be coincidental? All factors worth looking at.

Sugary or carby foods make me cramp too. I read that when your blood sugar rises too fast, your body needs more calcium, magnesium and potassium and you become deficient.

Yup I cramp after I take gels. I have tried every type of gel there is and happens after each one. I also realized that I can survive a race perfectly without them anyway.

Same here, cramp after gel too