Successfully trained for a 100+ mile ride using smart trainer and Trainer Road...who knew!

The cycling with power bug bit me via Peloton between 2014 and 2019. Picked up my first real road bike in February 2019 and road through the summer. Purchased a power trainer fall 2019 to train through the winter for the New York Gran Fondo. Covid cancelled the 2019 race and I stayed inside on the trainer (who wanted to fall outside and end up in a Covid infested ER.

Fast forward to 2021 and the Gran Fondo was cancelled once again and long outside rides were not in the cards. I followed the Trainer Road Mid Volume plan adding a few weekends with an extra 2 hours on the trainer with endurance rides at about .75 to .85 IF.

Today I rode 125 miles over total of 9 hours. Not what was planned but what happened due to routing issues. Not only did I manage 9 hours but my legs felt terrific.

The Trainer Road plan with a little extra added at the end was right on target! That, plus tips from the TrainerRoad podcast set me up to do this basically solo (except of course I wasnt alone…I was with the whole team at Trainer Road!


That’s a big ride, very nice!

Well done. Awesome achievement!

What’s next?.. :grin: