Covid-19 and it’s impact on training

So both my A & B events have been either cancelled or deferred for 12 months. Given the lack of focus I’ve neglected my TrainerRoad plan and I’ve gone cycling out doors. Today was rather windy and I did one of my favourite 50 mile loops and whilst I’m sat here with the dull ache in my legs, one thing is evident and that’s how my fitness has improved since starting TrainerRoad. Sustainable power, sprint, repeatable efforts and endurance which means I’m conflicted, i want to build on my hard work to date and not regress whilst enjoying the improving weather.

I’ve no budget for a power meter but I recognise unstructured road rides will diminish my overall fitness.

So has anyone been here before, want the best of both worlds and how have you managed to achieve this holy grail?

Thanks in advance

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