Ant+ dongle for Mac (Catalina)

After reading about the TR meet up on Zwift - Successful test - TR Workout via Zwift meetup function

I am looking to get a Ant+ dongle for my iMac running Catalina. I looked on Amazon and they’re quite a few to choose from. Does anyone have an recommendations? How far with the signal travel? I see some come with an extension lead

I’m using a Garmin branded usb one with my MacBook, with a short dongle. Haven’t had any reception issue on a desk in front of the trainer.

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I also use the Garmin one that came with my vector pedals. Do use an extension cable.

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I have two like this style. I know @anon20047708 bought one so maybe he can give some feedback. I use an extension for one but not sure it is totally necessary in my situation.


I couldn’t find @ericallenboyd one on Amazon UK. This ones seems to have good reviews. To be honest I thought the Catalina end might be more of a problem than the dongle end.

[ANT+ Dongle](TAOPE ANT+ Dongle USB Stick Adapter Wireless Sync Dongle (RC402)

Good to hear and have fun in your trip.

Most work pretty well, but you’ll get the best performance if you also get an USB extension cable.

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The garmin one works as does this one. Both in Catalina

Definitely get the extender. I was getting dropouts until I did so. I didn’t care because I use the file from the Garmin 1030, but it was vexing to see my Zwift guy pull to side of the road while I was pushing pedals.

I use a Garmin and a Suunto. Use an extension cable and place the dongle right next to trainer body.

The extension cable allows you to place the dongle closer to your trainer/sensors and greatly reduces the occurrence of dropped signals.


That is good info. From all the replies it amazing it works outside on a real bike. :grinning:

Still on Mojave but these have been working fine for me.

Thanks for posting this thread… you must have read my mind!

Does anyone have any recommendations for an ANT+ dongle with a lightening connector (for an iPad)? I already have what I need for a PC…


I’ve got an old Suunto (~4yrs), and it’s been fine on my MBP. The extender cable is mandatory for a reliable connection. The aluminum casing on the machine can block the signal if it’s between the transmitter & the dongle (always in my setup). I hang the dongle on the extender cable below the machine for a clear path to the transmitter. On the bike, the path from power meter to head unit is relatively clear, and is much closer so is more reliable.

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I just got a cheap generic one (actually, two, because reasons… they both get used though and both work) from Amazon, along with the extender. I plugged a hub into the end of the extender so I could put both of the ANT+ dongles in from one extension.

I have a 2014 MacBook Pro with the Garmin USB dongle and a 10 foot extension cable to place it directly under my Wahoo Kickr Core. No issues with dropouts. I use ANT+ for my Garmin HRM also.

Thank you for posting this one. Now all the ANT+ dongles seem finished all over the world with so many people training indoors during the Corona epidemy.

I’ve been using the cheapest ANT+ dongles I could find on eBay. Still going strong after 4 years.

Far less interference issues, compared to Bluetooth.

I recently upgraded to Catalina on my MacBook Pro from Mojave.

Since the upgrade I have had issues with BT and ANT+. I rode on Sunday and both signals completed disappeared. I had to unplug and replug in the extension cable for my Ant+ dongle to get it working again.

Has anyone else had this issue? I had no issues at all using ANT+ or BT when I was using Mojave.

I just deleted and the bluetooth.plist, hoping things will be ok for tomorrows ride.