Subbing workouts due to loudness

Hey, weird question here, but I’m wondering if anyone has thoughts on how to best switch out workouts when the problem is being too noisy. I probably don’t need to tell anyone here that the volume made by the bike/trainer gets significantly louder above threshold efforts. I train in the early morning and intervals above threshold intensity have been waking up my kids. Due to life factors I can’t train anywhere else or any time else and also can’t really do any major changes to my bike because it is my transportation.

Some workouts I can just skip the random higher intensity interval, but normally that significantly changes how taxing the workout is.

I’m considering adding in some Bulgarian squats before the trainer, or sets in the middle, but that kind of seems silly.

Anyway, TLDR, any advice for optimizing training while staying relatively quiet is appreciated! <3

Can you tell us about your specific trainer and bike setup?

Options and suggestions will vary depending on those variables.

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I ride a Surly crosscheck on a CycleOps wheel-on trainer. Not sure the model.

Edit: I have a teravail Washburn tire on the back. Will be switching out soon for SimWorks Volummy, essentially a smooth Gravelking.

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Direct drive trainer is an option. That should lower the noise.

Edit: you beat me to the tire result. That is a BIG one right there.

Smooth tire or something with tread (since the CC is a multi-surface bike in most use I see)?

  • Assuming a treaded tire, swapping that to smooth is the first suggestion, if at all possible.
  • If it is smooth, then you are already likely as good there as possible.

On the trainer, CycleOps has many models. Some allow for resistance adjustment, while many don’t.

  • If you have adjustment, I’d guess you are already using it at the highest resistance possible.
  • Depending on your preferences, typical recommendations are to run the tire about max pressure and the clutched release of the knob (if yours has that style). You can increase resistance a bit by using more roller pressure against the tire.
    • But, if you are also using Virtual Power, this will alter the effective power, and would be best to do a new FTP test matching those tire and trainer conditions.
    • That said, you will need to retest with your new tire, if you are using VP. That can have a HUGE impact on FTP results from VP.
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I guess so, but then I have to swap my back wheel between my workout and my commute…

oh cool! I’ll swap out the tire sooner than later. In regards to resistance, Yeah I crank it down pretty dang hard, until the dial starts to slip. I don’t think I can get it to do more but I could definitely pump up my tire more. I just leave it at 70psi because that’s what I like for riding to work, but that’s easy to dump some pressure when I take it off the trainer.

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With a direct drive trainer probably add less than a minute to getting your bike ready for the commute :sweat_smile:

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Oh really? I don’t have any first hand experience with one, I always assumed it was more of a to-do than that.

It‘s easy and you will have lot‘s of practice if you commute and train a lot :sweat_smile:


Ha! I guess you’re right, post-pandemic I’d get skills like my own nascar pit crew.

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Just a suggestion that might not be feasible at all.

Could you extend your commute so that you complete your session on your way to work?

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I like this idea! I was doing this last year a day or two a week. I can’t right now, but hopefully soon the kiddos are back in school and then it’ll be a whole new scenario.