Using my commuter bike + trainer at the office

I have a relatively niche question, but I’d love your ideas and insights.

I used to train indoors and commute, all on the same bike. I only have one bike and that won’t be changing in the foreseeable future. My trainer is a wheel on, non-smart trainer. After adding two kids, I no longer have anywhere at home to train. I do, however, have room to train in the exercise room in my office.

Would anyone worry about wearing through rear wheels? I’ve swapped to tubeless now and normally run my rear wheel around 40psi. That’s a far cry from the 80 that I used to pump up to for training. If I do this, I’ll put a power meter on my bike, so no more virtual power. I’m mostly wondering if I’ll wear through rear tires quickly on the trainer at the lower pressure, or if anyone has thoughts on what I should do.

If you can afford it, buy a cheap rear wheel (+ cassette and trainer tire) that you can keep at the office


I second getting a wheel with a trainer tyre that you keep at the office. It will probably be cleaner and quieter as well.


That’s a good idea. I already have a spare wheel at home from an upgrade. I’ve never swapped wheels regularly, will my shifting be fiddly? I guess as long as they have the same cassette it should be okay.

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I used to run a tubed rear tyre on my wheel-on trainer. I think with tubeless, you’d need to pump it up quite a bit, or the clampjng force will be off.
Wouldn’t worry that much about tyre wear, I’ve always just used a normal tyre and never seen extra wear. (Might be different with high-quality, soft rubber tyres).

But yes, keeping a spare wheel at the office will be best. If the shifting is off, the best way would be to use thin shims to bring the two cassettes to exactly the same spot on the rear wheel.

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Pre-covid, I used to train in the work car park (I’d drive in, early, as an evening cycle commute didn’t work with our childcare arrangements). I used minoura hybrid rollers, with my winter bike (with power meter). No changing of wheel and no noticeable wear of the tyre - I used the bike weekends with no issues anyway.

The minoura hybrid rollers are similar to the feedback sports omnium, but I’d guess bigger. The minoura rollers still packed down into a standard holdall though. I brought them from Amazon here in Ireland, significantly cheaper than the Omnium. It was an earlier iteration of the one below. It’s still going - was using it for a couple of weeks ago waiting on a Hammer drive belt!


Too late now but I got my Feedback rollers from Probikekit (they used to deliver to Dublin when I lived there 15years ago) for cheaper than that. I see they have went up now but with a discount code I wouldn’t say significantly so.
Feedback Sports Omnium Trainer/Rollers | ProBikeKit UK

I also see that Tweeks are doing the feedback Omnium rollers for £320 cheaper than what you paid.

Buy Feedback Sports Omnium Over-Drive & Tote Bag - FB-01065 | Tweeks Cycles

And Winstanley’s is cheaper again £300

Feedback Sports Omnium Portable Trainer (

The are a few tricks to super quick rear wheel swaps but the main one is shifting to the smallest cog first.

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fwiw I paid circa stg£160 for the FG540 (just checked, back in 2018!), which was a lot cheaper than I could get the Omnium. Possibly as they were clearing old stock, given they’re on the FG542 now!

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Thats a scary price increase but a relative bargain, maybe old stock as you say :+1: I think I got my Feedback ones in 2020 for around £300 and compared to that it is a significant saving :+1: :+1:

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It was enough to buy a left sided power meter (that could obviously be used outside too) I think. Where as if I recall correctly there is virtual power available with the Omnium? So I think that was my debate at the time, but I’d always use the power meter but it was a bit of a shot in the dark as to whether the training in work would be effective/ appropriate (I’m know they thought I was nuts, but no complaints!).

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Nope (although with TR it might be an option) its just progressive resistance (the harder you pedal the more it resists), your power meter call was definitely the right one :slight_smile:

TR do support Virtual Power with the Omnium. At the same/ similar prices, I would’ve gone for the Omnium on that basis.