Stupidity in the name of fitness

As a fun side question: what is something you’ve done in the name of fitness, but later realized was really foolish? I’ll start.

This happened about 25 years ago. I was on a ride with a buddy, and we stopped at a gas station. All they had were candy bars. I wasn’t going to put that kind of food in my body! So, off we rode. About 10 miles later I had a ridiculous bonk. My buddy urged me along to climb 2% grades at epicly slow paces. When we finally got to a downhill, he went to the front and brought up the speed. I drafted on his will until my blood sugar got so low, I started to black out. I crossed wheels, fell down, and slid and rolled for about 40-50 meters. Now, if I’m really hungry, I would eat a lard-dipped Twinkie and like it.

How about you? Any foolish decisions you care to share?


Oh wow…I wouldn’t even know where to begin.

Let me chew on this one, I’m reserving the first response to your post for my own endless list of dumb-in-the-name-of actions.

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