What's the longest you've ridden the indoor trainer for in one session?

Would be keen to hear the experience of TR users with their indoor sessions.

  • How long does your average trainer session last for?

  • What is the longest you have ridden the trainer for in one continuous session?! How did you manage it and what was your reasoning for it?

This morning I did Boarstone -1 (2hr session + an extra hour to push it out to 3hrs) this morning as an Endurance session as part of my current program.

3 hours on the trainer is a challenge mentally for me. Right at the upper limit of my ability to control my sanity. Obviously it is dependent upon the session and the included intervals, however, I don’t think I could do any more than 180min on the trainer in one sitting. My average TR session is 120min. In fact, pretty much all my sessions are 2hrs long.

The COVID-19 situation where I live has meant that we are on exercise restrictions outside, and as such, my trainer time has had to increase of late. That said, 180min is my max. I’d love to do more like I would have done outside but it’s just a whole other beast inside and 180min inside is like 65 hours outside for me mentally!

The world of podcasts, Netflix and Zwift has made the ability to do long sessions on the trainer a lot easier. You can now watch the world go by around Watopia (and the weird weather pattern and daylight hours there), or you can watch an entire season through Netflix. Technology has definitely helped with attentional focus for long trainer sessions, but there is a tipping point for everyone and mine is definitely at 180 minutes!

I heard a podcast this morning where they spoke about Eddy Merckx sitting on an old school indoor trainer in his garage and staring at a brick wall for 6-8 hours to build ‘mental toughness’ as part of his training, I am not sure how true this is, but it is a good story to throw around the campfire none the less!


I did one one of the Zwift 100 mile Audax rides at the beginning of lockdown, other than Zwift, no distractions used … though I wish they’d had used one of the more interesting routes (and did have a nature break)


I did the Zwift Uber Pretzel on Boxing Day last year. That was anything but boring. I think my wife got a bit pissed off with me being in the garage all day though…


My average time on the trainer is about 1-1,5h, and the longest is 4h 15min when doing Disaster last December.


5hr 35 min on NYD for the Le Col ride on Zwift.
I’m sure there will be plenty of people who have VEverested on Zwift which would have spent much longer on the trainer.

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For me it was 6hrs, fund raising effort in Australia, had Zwift on the in background, with youtube and podcasts. I could barely turn the pedals towards the end of the 6th hour. Don’t do a long long effort with no eating strategy :slight_smile: Towards 8 bottles, 6 bars, 4 gels, 1 x protein shake, I would eat a more solid fuel next time.

I kind of like silly ideas on what I could do. If TR users ever wanted to do a 6hr trainer ride I would do it again.


That’s a very solid hit out @robcumine! That’s the other thing I didn’t touch on either - the eating strategy. I imagine anything over 3hrs in length needs to have some solid foods onboard? Even something as simple as a peanut butter sandwich or something!

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Average session is maybe 90 minutes, but longest was a 500k on Zwift that was about 17.5h moving time out of 22.5h elapsed time (stopped for proper meals, few showers, theragun). Otherwise longest nonstop with no actual breaks was 7.5h

The long stuff is a fun challenge for me as a pure sprinter, especially while other long interesting outdoor challenges have been cancelled for the year. Lots of other stuff I would’ve had on my calendar, but after half a year of lockdown I figured I’d knock out my first 300 miler (and 500k was so close that you might as well) with no real preparation or good reason to.


My average ride is 90 min. I did 3:30 once and that was more than enough. Between the mental boredom and saddle pain, I don’t see myself doing more unless it was for charity.

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About 5 hours and usually avg 2


I’ve often thought of going l Ionger, but after 2 hours on the trainer I’m ready to get off.
I guess I don’t have the mental toughness for that kind of punishment. I find it dramatically more difficult to sit on the trainer than riding outdoors.

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60 to 90 mins for general sessions

My longest was 12 hours for charity, rather sore by the end of it but wasn’t super tiring because it was just sit and spin

Disaster day last year was alot harder work!


I’ve done a few centuries, including the PRL Full on Zwift, Lang with the Uber Lretzel twice (not a century, but a long day).

My first century I did on the trainer was last January…dubbed The Avengers Century. Watched Avengers : Infinity War and Endgame back to back. I did Boarstone and one other workout, but don’t remember which one off the top of my head.

Was a pretty effective way to keep me distracted and watching those movies as one long one was pretty cool.


Don’t know what my average is but I tend to like 2 hour sessions. My longest so far is Bandeira (6hrs) I did it because I thought doing it would help me sleep; I was wrong lol.


I’ve managed 4 a few times

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10 hours… whilst preparing for (UK) National 24hr TT.


Puts my 4 hours to shame!! Fair play to you mate

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That is a huge session @Aquazepp! Well done. How did the UK National 24hr TT go for you?

Did a 12hr indoor ride at the beginning of COVID. It wasn’t as awful as I expected- basically just the sour gummy worm-fueled LOTR marathon I would have been doing during lockdown otherwise, just on the bike.

My general sessions are 60-90min, but in the winter I do throw the odd 3hr one in there. Makes for good uni revision/lecture watching time.


My longest was 3ish hours for 25 laps of the volcano on Zwift only for the ride data to not save at all. I immediately came back to TR after that. Then eventually started using both simultaneously.

My typical workout length is 60-75mins as of late. Almost over the saddle sore debacle to begin riding more!