Structuring the weeks leading to A-Race

Alright guys and gals, here’s what I’m looking at. I’ve got an early-season race toward the end of May. I wouldn’t call it an A race, but it’s one I’ve finished in the top 5 on back-to-back occasions and this year I’d love to win it.

It’s a 100km mile rolling gravel race with a 4km @ 5.5% climb that starts after the neutral rollout. This usually establishes the lead group. The only other climb comes at 40km which is 4.5 @ 3%, there’s nothing crazy after, just good old diesel-friendly rollers to the finish.

I’ll be coming off 12 weeks of Sweet Spot base leading into this…

Knowing that I had just wrapped up 12 weeks of Sweet Spot Base, what are we doing for subsequent workouts/rides in the two weeks leading up?

I’m thinking a race-simulation effort 2 weeks prior is a good idea. The week prior will a taper with one some intensity early in the week.

Help, I suck at this. @Jonathan @Nate_Pearson

Calendar view:

Just take the last two Weeks out of a specialty plan (rolling road race?). This has a taper built in and will give you some intensity. Don‘t overthink it :sweat_smile:


I was thinking along these lines, perhaps the 40k TT or Climbing Road Race plan would be a good fits.