How close to an A race to start V02 work?

I’ll try to keep this as short as possible (wasted a line right there).

My 2021 A race is Sep 25th, a 100km road race. 9 weeks away.
Rolling terrain, 3 to 6min climbs.
I usually do V02 work for say 4 weeks before my A race.
I’m feeling good and very motivated, ready to start it now.
9 weeks seems like I might crack and peak way too early.

I have a good base averaging 16hrs a week.

I’m thinking, stay the course, work SS, threshold, tempo for the next 4 weeks, then engage. The issue is, I think I’m a V02 responder and reluctantly, because it hurts so much, I think I’ve left a lot on the table from not doing more of it, in the past.

I’d love to hear how others approach it, timing wise.

I’d start now. Don’t have to go overboard, but do 1 session and one over/under a week; that’s it for intensity so that you come into those fresh and don’t overdo it.

You won’t peak too early, we’re close, only 9 weeks away.

first 3 weeks: vo2 + O/U
rest week
2nd three weeks: different vo2 and maybe threshold bursts or something that is more event specific.
last two weeks, have to fiddle with depending on follow thru of hours and how you normally taper.

Crush it!


Cheers Brendan.

I’ve engaged :grin: