Stretching hamstrings bad for you?

Was looking up ways to stretch my hamstrings to make myself more flexible for yoga. They really are tight and it seems to stronger I get the tighter and less flexible I get.

Was considering getting a band to help stretch them as I see a lot of yogis using, many of them being amazingly flexible.

Then I saw this article which says not to try stretching the hamstrings!

What you guys think, is it best to avoid going down this path. I’m wondering why the article makes stretching the hams seem so bad when there seems to be a lot of strong flexible people around.

I would suggest listening to the latest podcast with Kelly starret

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Empirical evidence here, but I have struggled periodically with tendinitis and other issues related to joints. I do stretch, but found that if I stretch before rides, I can’t dig deep enough, or the muscles won’t engage properly (or as properly as I’d feel they would). I cannot envision an athletic lifestyle without stretching. I mix stretching (first) with massage stick (second) and that has given me freedom from overuse issues.