Tight hamstrings / lower back pain

Anyone ever experience low back pain on the bike that was caused by tight hamstrings? Curious on what stretches you did to cure it, how often per day, how many times per week, and any other information or tips you may have. Thanks!


Is there a chance you have strong hamstrings and weak abs?


Also possibly weak glutes. I get sore hamstrings and back as well. I find deadlifting make a huge difference, but be careful, build slowly and get some guidance on form. You can hurt your back and set yourself way back if you overdo it too soon.


Weak glute and trigger points in glute medius/minimus can cause this - check for trigger points up around the hips - rolling on a hockey ball is good. Hamstrings always get tight cycling so stretch those. Lumbar spine mobility can be an issue - do the lower back windshield wiper mobility exercises. Lack of core strength - so planks and especially side planks help. Tight hip flexors is another area for cyclists - so lots of lunge stretches and a tight TFL can also cause problems…plus if your posture is rubbish during the day when working - like at a computer then often if you then go for a ride it can irritate your back.


Pt said it’s tight hamstrings. Just curious what other people did for it and how long it took to start to remedy. But appearsntly it’s never happened to anyone else ever? It started when I began lifting weights.

If it is your hamstrings then I would do some combination of the following:
(I’m never 100% sure what the common names are for these so I included some pictures also)

Hamstring stretch

Half Kneeling Hamstring Stretch

Lying hamstring stretch

You can also use a band for this:


My lower back issues are always down to two main factors for me (and my RMT politely berates me about it).

  • lack of core strength
  • tight quads/hip flexors and sitting at a desk for a living

When I do exercises and stretching associated to the above, the pain goes away.


I’ve been using a variation of this puppy for many, many years:

I don’t remember paying that much, but it wouldn’t surprise me if I did. :smirk:

Did you have back pain?

Still do if I’m not careful. Stretching hamstrings helps, but for me, taking care of the psoas (hip flexor) helps more.

I also have tight hamstrings and lower back issues (broke my L1 & L2 when I was 20) . I know I should be better about stretching and when I do I feel a world of difference. Here is a workout video that helps me each and every time. It’s about 12 minutes long, and I do it when I get off the trainer.

The gentlemen directing the workout wrote a book: Foundation: Redefine Your Core, Conquer Back Pain, and Move with Confidence.* by Eric Goodman and Peter Park.

It’s a great book and one that I would HIGHLY recommend to anyone suffering from back issues. But honestly just do the 12 minute youtube video whenever you get off the bike and you’ll good to go.


Just a bit of caution. If you’ve ever had an issue with your L3/S1, these types of hamstring stretches will irritate the hell out that area.

I am yet to find a decent way of stretching without causing lower back pain later on.

I also suffer from lower back pains during the outdoor rides. Stupidly enough, I get none while on the trainer.


Dr goodman and his foundation training is mentioned a lot in the Fascat podcast. He really hold it in high regard.

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Ditto. Not from long Z2, only after higher intensity outdoors SS intervals. I think it might have been related keeping myself too tight, not relaxed. Anyway, it passed after ~1 months of doing those workouts outside. Not sure what specifically helped, either body got used to it or Bulgarian squats that I started shortly after moving outside.

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I used to have some back pain when i first started cycling three years ago. Now i have no pain whatsoever. Cycling is the only type of physical excersise i do, and i am a full time student, so a lot of sitting.

Thanks for that video. Seems helpful. Mine is the same way, I can z2 or even trainer all day. But hard intervals outside it hurts the back immediately.

Common problem, tight low back, hamstring syndrome. I like the William Flexion exercises. Google on internet to look them up, and how to do properly. They consist of pelvic tilts, {flattening low back curve}, alternate knee kisses, { pulling knee toward chest}, bringing both knees toward chest,
hamstring stretch, pulling straight leg up until you feel stretch in hamstrings, no knee bend. All exercises are done lying on your back. I like
5 reps., with 10 second hold of each exercise, I do them twice a day. I also
like bending at the waist, and trying to grab feet. The other exercise is simply standing bending over with straight legs, and trying to touch feet.
I tried to explain, but googling the exercises is suggested so you do them properly. Also, if any exercises increase your pain stop them and consult with a MD. The other point, is be patient, stretch only after your body is warmed up, not first thing in the morning. Do not over stretch, this is a gradual process, you may not see results until one month. Hope this is
helpful, difficult to explain, easy to show in person.

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Thank you SO much for this…!

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I’ve also started doing the 12min Foundation routine. Definitely revealed just how tight & locked up I was/am. :persevere: