Strength training tracking in trainer road

hello to each other,

how can i track my weight training sessions with trainerroad or how can i import them?
I record my sessions with an apple watch.

thanks for your help in advance

I just add them to the calendar as an “other” workout. I usually just list the working sets, not the warm-up sets.

ok vielen dank.

ok thank you.

but is there also a way to import the fitness session recorded by apple watch?
I train 5x times high intensity with weights and ride 5-6x indoor.
it would be important for moch to have the additional load calculated.

TR does not currently support this. Sites / apps such as Training Peaks, Trainer Day, etc do what you’re looking for.

thank you

You can out in a feature request in that part of the forum.

BarbellRoad perhaps :slight_smile:

Right after they deliver TreadmillRoad of course.

you forgot yogaroad ::

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Hey! I just want to drop a note in this thread to let you all know that we do have roadmap plans to integrate non-cycling activity heart rate data from a number of devices; including Apple watches.

That’s a ways out, but we do hear you, and have plans to integrate this info to help you get faster. I’ll provide updates as they’re available!