Core strength training plan

Where to find simple-to-follow, progressive core strenght training PLAN for beginners, aimed specifically for cyclists?

This is an excellent resource: has three free programs that are a great start, as well as a paid mid-season program for building strength via twice-weekly full body workouts that progress across three phases.

Check out episode 71 of the as well.


Look into the Foundation Training app. There’s a free 12 min core routine that is my go to which I believe was developed for a very notable pro cyclist in the past. :neutral_face:

App has more stuff, though perhaps at a pay to play. Haven’t done too much digging past my go to.

Look no farther than Foundation. If you actually do the protocol they will get you straight up durable. The good doctor really focuses on the importance of the posterior chain and how it fires in different sports vs. traditional core strength as an accessory to strength training approach.

L.A. wrote a Fwd to the Foundation Training book. I don’t believe he is involved still? But I don’t know.

Anyway, I can’t recommend it enough. I am a pilot by trade and tons of my colleagues have backs that are AFU. I recommend this book to all of them and everyone has sought me out to thank me for recommending it.

If you actually execute the workouts, they are a game changer.