Strength Training - High Frequency/Low Volume

First time forum poster, 2+ year TrainerRoad user here. I really enjoyed the strength training discussion on this week’s podcast, and wanted to share my experience and see if anyone has experimented with anything similar.

Recently I’ve been trying a high frequency/low volume approach to strength training, where I hit the gym ~6x/week, but never for longer than 20 minutes or so. I break it down where twice a week I’ll do high weight, low rep work on big lifts (I follow something similar to Jim Wendler’s 5/3/1 protocol) and then 4 days a week do a short session of kbs/core/bodyweight stuff. Something like:

M: 5/3/1 Squat/Press
T: core
W: bw/kbs
T: 5/3/1 DL/Bench
F: core
S: bw/kbs
S: off

As someone who spent a lot of time lifting before I found cycling in my mid 30s (now 42) short, frequent sessions keep me fresh for the bike and rarely if ever cause DOMS. I’m lucky that I have all the necessary equipment at home, and so it’s super convenient and finding 20 mins to fit it in is usually not a challenge.

Has anyone out there tried anything similar? I’d be interested in hearing your experience…

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