Strength training and cycling intervals

Hello everyone, I am a 18 year old cyclist who is faily new to structired training. I recently added gym work to my routine. Basically I do 3 days a week in the gym and 3 days on ghe bike (1 hour of zone2). I want to slowly bring back cycling workout such as tempo and sweetspot in my program but I still want to do strength training. Here is my weekly program dad I created. I am open to any suggestions. Thank you

Monday → Cycling (Sweetspot intervals)
Tuesday → Gym session
Wednesday → Cycling (Tempo)
Thursday → Gym session
Friday → Cycling (Recovery)
Saturday → Cycling (Zone 2) + Gym session


Hi, Charles.

At those cycling intensities, that plan looks great to me. The more time you can have btwn your ride and your lift on Saturday, the better, assuming it’s a leg workout in the gym.


Thank you for the tip !