Strava upload without heart rate date and no red line on picture?


Is there a way to upload our workout to Strava without the heart rate red line? I know we can hide heart rate data on Strava but I’m pretty sure the redline will stay there.


There is no control or option for that AFAIK.

Isn’t there an option somewhere on one of the ends (Strava or TR) to not use the image at all?

Yup there is on Strava, but I’m looking to share the image, just without the red line.

If you are willing to share, I’m curious why you want it removed?

I just want to keep my HR data for myself haha

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You want to keep it close to your heart…?

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Heart cards close to the chest :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe, if the feature is added to remove the red line, a feature can also be added to modify the red line with some scaling factor. Make the competition think your SS intervals were at FTP :rofl:

Just had a look at the images and there is no indication of bpm on the graph. It simply shows a red line. Everyone’s heart rate will increase when intensity increases (unless your surname is Froome! :wink:) and decrease when intensity decreases. Not sure what you think other people will glean from the line.:thinking:

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Isn’t the scale of bpm same as used for W? So they would know eg that your FTP is double the HR.

I don’t think so, but I might be wrong. :thinking:

From most of the plots I’ve seen it seems like the bpm scale is the same as the W scale. But I could be wrong.

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If you care enough to take the time you could go to the workout on TR and hide the HR line the screen grab the plot and then play that to Strava. But that’s a bunch of extra steps that you don’t want to go through.

The scaling of power and heart rate are “the same”. TR sets the vertical axis as a single “unit”, so if you are at 100w and 100bpm, the lines will overlap.

So, assuming someone is able to know either meteic data point, they can estimate the other. Seemsike a real hassle though, and I can’t imagine there are many people sleuthing competition like that.

It’s hard to know how this could be leveraged against you, but who knows?

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Right, also because there is that big FTP line on the plot also, seems like that would be much more of a giveaway for the competition.

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Think you’ve come up with a great game to while away the hours during lockdown! :grin:

Today’s game:

Q1. Heart rate at start is?

Q2. Heart rate at start and end of each interval is?

Q3. Max heart rate is?

For the bonus prize, which today is an all expenses paid, solo trip around your local area (UK applicants only):

Q4. Average heart rate is?

For today’s game, the ftp clue is the age of the 44th president of America multiplied by 4, plus the number of deadly sins.

Answers on a postcard to PO Box 20, LONDON, W12 6BP.

Entries close 4pm Saturday 6th February.

Entrants must be over 16 years of age.

Good luck!


I guess, but still don’t know what “risk” exists if someone does reverse engineer from it.

If people care that much about the data, I’d expect they’d hide the whole workout and not have it shared at all.

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If someone takes the time to calculate your heart rate data, you should probably worry about buying a security system for your house, because you have a stalker.

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