TR workouts not showing graph in Strava

Hi, recently re-subscribed back to TR after a few months break however notice that when I finish my TR workout the graph showing power, HR, cadence etc no longer uploads to Strava. All it shows is the distance and time. Anyone know why it is not showing the TR workout graph? TIA.

Turned off in your Account Activity Sync settings perhaps ?

If its not that, contact

Yep, got that checked. Thanks.

Another thing that springs to mind, is disconnecting Strava and reauthorising it. Perhaps that might be a quick fix.

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I’ve had a 5 to 10 minute delay before the graph shows up recently.


I 2nd what @Doug_Pickering said. Rarely (almost never) does the image show up right away after going into strava once uploaded. I’ll usually load up strava immediately after the session uploads to change the session name to something more meaningful. The image is never there. After shower when I check strava again, it is always there.


FYI, a response I got from support when I encountered this issue:

Thanks for reaching out to the TrainerRoad Support Team :slight_smile:

The issue you have described is actually a bug we’ve encountered with some other athletes, which ultimately can only be fixed by Strava on their side, but the good news is that we have a workaround that seems to do the trick!

The root of the image syncing issue seems to lie in the instance where athletes edit their workout on Strava - such as changing the title or description, etc.) before the image has been uploaded successfully.

You can try deleting the ride from Strava, and we can resync it to Strava from our end.

In future, I would advise you to wait until the TrainerRoad image has been synced to your Strava ride before editing the Ride title or description.


This response from support is pretty much spot on. :raised_hands:

I have found, though, that if there is any sort of interference that prevents the image from initially uploading, it can be tricky for us to successfully “resync” the ride/image from our end. I’ve had some engineers do some serious digging into this in the past, and it seems like the initial auto-sync from TR is usually your best bet.

With that being said, I’ve recently been able to resolve this issue for multiple different athletes by simply waiting a few minutes for the image to upload before editing the Strava post. It’s not as instantaneous as it once was for whatever reason, but it typically works.

If you’re having continued issues with this, let me know or reach out to and we’ll get things sorted out for you. :factory_worker:


I tried deleting and using the fit files from TR and it gave me different distances, and then none of the interval segments…

I think I saw exactly that last night :slight_smile: