Show cadence line

Anyone here want to see their cadence line in the Strava post? I’d like to have the option to show the cadence line on the workouts just as we have the option to show the HR and Progression Levels. I hear repeatedly on the podcast how HR is not a reliable input and at the same time acknowledging how it is useful to train low inerti/high inertia/low cadence/high cadence depending on your discipline.

  • Are you talking purely about the picture that gets exported from TR to Strava? It may give a decent quick look, but I’d wager that proper analysis would prove more useful.

More detailed analysis can happen within the TR app for starters. Adding in some of the various Strava plugins (like Sauce) can give more visibility, or you can jump to that gives you far more than all of that. Specifically, Intervals gives quick access to Aerobic Decoupling info that can prove useful when reviewed in appropriate workouts.

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Thanks @mcneese.chad ,

I’m not looking for deep analysis, just showing the picture. To me, when I look at my own or others Strava pics seeing the hr line isn’t useful. The HR usually does a predictable increase through the interval and through the workout.

Seeing others cadence line might not be either if they say the same all the time. However, I’m training for variable mtn biking and deliberately use different cadence and inertia during interval sets. I’d like to show that in strava.

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Added to the feature-request! :white_check_mark:


Bump. Attached is one of my workouts, another of a friend. You can see my deliberate effort to vary, but stay consistent. In my a
Friends, you can see the cadence start to decline. This could also be something caught by AT similar to, or as a precursor to missing power targets.