Hide heart rate?

Hi everyone,
As the title suggests, is it possible to hide the heart rate stats from the dashboard when doing a workout?
I prefer to not look at heart rate until after a workout because I find it puts me off mentally during.


I would love that feature as well! I’ve used a post-it to cover it up but it would be great if I were able to just not show it…

Interesting. I switched to power in 2007-08 and ditched the HR thinking HR could not offer any useful info whilst observing power. Fast forward to today and especially since using TR I’ve come full circle and really rely on HR during longer intervals (1min or more). Power is still primary of coarse but, I do tweak the power based on how high or low the HR is reacting. No clue if this is actually right or wrong but, having a good handle on MHR, FTP etc…I’m tweaking.

So, just curious why you guys don’t like it? @MorganB you said it puts you off mentally but, does that mean you ease up on the power if it’s relatively high for fear of not completing the interval? I can see that happening and just curious is all. Not being critical. If you don’t like it you don’t like and don’t need it.

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Hey mate, Not offended at all. To be honest, I just don’t like to know how much I’m suffering as I find HR pins a number to that. I know my max HR, so the harder I push, to closer I’d get to that. I’m not scared of blowing up (done that many times) but seeing my HR numbers just affects mental toughness i guess…So I prefer not to know.
@slenny that is genius.

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Not possible via the app.

This and other user customization to the HUD has been listed in other requests.

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Hi Landis,
it’s mostly a mental thing. I know it doesn’t really matter as I ride with power and in ERG-Mode, but I’m somewhat comparing it against myself


Did this feature have any attention yet? I know it’s not massively popular but would like to re-kindle possible interest :slight_smile:

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I sometimes throw a towel over the top half of my monitor. With the scrolling bar I can see where I’m at in an interval and prepare for upcoming intervals, but I can’t see power or heart rate. It helps on those days I’m struggling with mental weakness.

I’ve seen no indication that they plan to implement this or any other HUD changes.

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I sometimes have my garmin on as I prefer HR in %max. Some days, like today, it serves as a motivational target. I glance down and see I am doing sub 80%max when I know I can comfortably sit at circa 85% and up my effort.

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I would love to be able to hide heart rate during a ramp test, as it is always sky high even during the warm-up which is kind of off-putting.


HR being displayed doesn’t really bother me as on the TT bike (at least on the turbore) I am a bit of a heads down rider. It’s not long before my glasses come covered in sweat and I cant see it anyway :joy:

HI all,

Good timing seeing this one near the top of the forum. We just added this feature yesterday in the latest beta release for our desktop apps! :slight_smile:

You will now be able to toggle the visibility of live heart rate data during a workout by using the “H” key on your keyboard as a shortcut. Heart rate data will still be visible in the completed workout.

Our beta apps can be downloaded here . Please note that this is desktop (Windows and Mac) only.


Fantastic! Thank you!

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Fantastic! Appreciate the option as I can get easily psyched out by HR sometimes!


Hopefully it makes it’s way to android mobile before the post-it I use for ramp tests loses it’s tack.

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I would like to see this on all platforms! As I joined a fast paced group ride, my heart rate on my head unit discouraged me from staying with the group. Now, my heart rate is hidden but it still gets recorded. It made a huge difference and I actually pushed myself to the limits!


Good news, thanks! It affects me mentally to know my HR, i normally always have it off for races, hard efforts etc. Listening to the body is much more my preferred route :wink:

Really would like that on Android

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