TR & Strava not in bed together anymore?

Yesterday I wasn’t happy with the change to Strava’s maps. Today my fancy TR workout graphics don’t appear on my Strava feed.

Do they hate just me? Anyone else?

*Asking for the suppressed teenager inside me.

My ride from last night uploaded to strava fine. might be a glitch/bug. maybe send a report to TR support

Do you have the partner integrations turned off in the strava app?

Yesterday was fine. Today has been the issue.

Yes I do indeed. Nothing has been changed.

I saw several TR graphs on my Strava feed this morning so it sounds like an isolated issue

Hey @HeltorChasca,

Would you mind reporting this to our team at Nothing should have changed with the way our images export to Strava, so we’d like to look into this :+1:


My ride from last night is correctly showing the TR graphic on Strava, so yes, this looks isolated. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t a bug.

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Will do :+1:

Mine from last night uploaded ok. I’ll see what happens after tonight’s.

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Rode like an hour ago. Worked fine.

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Mine is working fine.

Sometimes I forget that setting privacy to “only me” stops the TR sync though

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This mornings workout showing the TR hurt on strava for me as per normal.


This started happening to me a day or so ago, I don’t see the thumbnail for my rides or anyone else’s. I have changed nothing in my setup.

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I set up and authorized the sync. However, all of my old Strava rides did not load into my TR calendar. Likely an isolated incident, but is anyone else in the same boat?