Strava sync watt display

After my ride syncs to Strava, the title stats only show distance and time but I see other people with distance, time, AND watts. How do I get mine to show all three? Thanks.

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Are you using virtual power? If so, it wouldn’t sync to watts.

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I use a quart d zero power meter. My power stats show up in the analytics but not in the headline numbers.

This was also talked about on the Facebook page and never came to a conclusion!

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Weird. No clue.

Strava works so inconsistently in so many different ways that it’s probably an issue on their end.

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Could this be a premium vs free feature in Strava?


I am premium on Strava. I feel like I have everything optimized but still no headline watt display.

Does it show your power numbers once you’ve clicked on the ride analysis stuff?
Too mirror your point, I’ve noticed that some people in my strava feed have different stats in their headline.
Maybe you can choose what is displayed in settings.

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Maybe it depends on what version of the TR app you are using? I use the PC version and dont get the watts in my Strava ride title.

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Ah, that may be it! I use PC. Will test iOS!

I get the power analytics but no headline watts. I think it may be because I use PC for TR. Going to try iOS and see if that changes anything.


I wonder if it’s just when viewing your own profile but shows more info on the people you follow. Mine doesn’t show watts. If you have “achievements” I think it cuts out a 3rd stat such as duration.
Some people I follow have watts showing. Some don’t. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Ah-ha! I think its this also as I use PC version too!

I tried iOS on my iPad this morning and had the same issue…not sure that’s it, d’oh!

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