Block Average Power from Displaying in Strava

I have searched in the forum and on the interwebz at large and can’t seem to find an answer to this question. I would prefer it if my TR workouts that post to Strava would not display average power after distance and time. I cannot figure out how to change it, nor do I remember selecting that at any point.

I get that if someone wants to click into the workout that they may be able to see watts, I just want to avoid a “headline” number…

Out of curiosity, why?

You can only do this if manually uploading through strava application directly.



Just make all your ride private then and continue on your secret training.


None of my TR workouts upload to Strava with Average Power in the headline, just distance and time. I think this might have to do with which Strava Summit “packs” you have for your account.

As @AndyGajda says just stop auto uploading and selectively chose what you want to upload.

Not sure what the problem with displaying power is though

That’s what I do. Honestly, as slow as I am, I’d rather people think it’s because I’m not trying hard. If they see how much I’m training, and I’m still this slow, WTF! :crazy_face: